Poland a winner of the PRO SKY Destination Award

During IMEX 2019 PRO SKY Airport & Inflight Services presented Poland Convention Bureau POT with a diploma recognising Poland as one of eight destinations of the future as selected by 218 German planners of meetings and events participating in a study used to compile PRO SKY Destination Report 2019.


Poland was distinguished in recognition of its highly diverse offer and exceptional sites such as:

  • Białowieski National Park, the natural habitat of European bisons,
  • Warsaw, where attention was drawn to the Forteca event venue,
  • Kraków with the Wierzynek Restaurant, where 650 years of tradition meet the latest culinary art, and Stara Zajezdnia restaurant/brewery, which features Kraków’s longest bar,
  • Wieliczka Salt Mine where you can stage a ceremonious dinner set 135 metres underground and find natural dripstones and subterranean lakes,
  • Baltic Sea headed by Gdańsk,
  • Picturesque trail of the Elbląg Canal.

PRO SKY, with offices in Cologne, Paris, Zurich and São Paulo, specialises in arranging VIP and group flights. Each year, the company publishes the PRO Sky Destination Report, which showcases the trendiest destinations of the future. This year, for the first time ever, it also presented the PRO SKY Destination Award. The list of winners, besides Poland, features convention bureaux representing destinations, such as Georgia, Copenhagen, Canada, China, Norway, Montenegro and Riga.

With PRO SKY Destination Award we distinguish places that are true stars on the business map of the world. According to our respondents, all of this year’s destinations offer not only exciting options for incentive travels and conferences, but also authentic events that are a perfect match for the history and culture of a given place. This is why we put a spotlight on them and dedicate a double page to each winner”, Quentin Rouxel, Director Marketing & Product Development, explained while presenting a printed version of the report and diploma to Aneta Książek, Head of Poland Convention Bureau POT.

In addition to eight portfolios of destinations of the future, the report in question contains articles dedicated to incentive travel trends, relations between meeting planners and airports, as well as the criteria responsible for the attractive character of cities and regions.

PRO SKY Destination Report is available at:

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