Open Eyes Economy Summit

OEES logo 04 2016RGbFirst edition of international forum about economy based on social values. assumptions of this philosophy say that customers who have opened their eyes can see the true intentions of a business will be held in ICE Krakow in Krakow, Poland November 15-16, 2016.



Those who open their eyes to see companies existing solely for profit no longer wish to be their customers. Firm-idea is a business organization that listens to people and understands the processes at the macro level. It is able to put society’s interests and its customers’ key values in first place. Thanks to this, it has the opportunity to achieve what is most important value for today’s businesses: TRUST. The correct order is: VALUES - TRUST – PROFIT.


Organiser: Foundation of Economy and Public Administration, partners: City of Krakow, Lesser Poland Voivodeship and Cracow University of Economics.


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