One project, so much joy – summary of the „Back to the Garden 2014” project

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The 4th edition of the CSR “Back to the Garden” project is already over. We spent two busy days at the Home for Children managed by the Our Home Association in Ostrów near Przemyśl, where we transformed the green areas surrounding the Home.


The partner of the event was Arłamów Hotel, where children from two Homes in Przemyśl spent a time full of sports activities and discovered their new passions and skills!


 - Back to the Garden is a wonderful initiative and we are very glad that we could be a part of it. Once again, we would like to thank Poland Convention Bureau for the invitation to this project, and first of all, we would like to thank the participants – in particular, the children and their guardians – for their enormous commitment during this campaign. – summarised Wojciech Budzowski, Sales and Marketing Director at Arłamów Hotel.


This year’s project was participated in by a total of almost 50 people, including the children from the Homes, their guardians, representatives of Arłamów Hotel, PSB Bank, Kielce Convention Bureau and local meeting industry.


Here is a brief summary of what we were able to do together:

- garden, including 260 plants, flowers and bushes

- recreational space, including 60 herbs and 30 fruit bushes

- gazebo and meeting place

- 2 days of recreational and sports activities for the children at Arłamów Hotel

- donation of books under the campaign “Book donated – joy shared” carried out during Meetings Week Poland 2014

- voucher for 280 hours of private lessons, swimming pool and gym activities.

The hard work of the volunteers was awarded with great happiness of the children and gratitude of their guardians. In addition, the project found interest among the local media – a broadcast was aired on Polskie Radio Rzeszów and an article was printed in the Życie Podkarpackie weekly, both summarising the project.


The “Back to the Garden” project is implemented by Poland Convention Bureau of the Polish Tourist Organization, in collaboration with the Our Home Association, supervising establishments ensuring that children living outside their own families may rebuild family ties which are important to them or find a new safe home.

- Back to the Garden 2014 is an original project which combines business and the future i.e. the world of meetings industry and the world of children. Once again, we have turned our offices into the garden and the children from the Homes participated in a great adventure. – summarises Krzysztof Celuch, Manager of Poland Convention Bureau POT.

- We hope that the children’s stay at Arłamów Hotel will remain in their memory for a long time and the memories of numerous attractions they could enjoy here will always bring smiles to their faces! – added Anna Kubicka, Marketing Manager at Arłamów Hotel.


- On my own behalf, on behalf of the employees and children from “Our Home” – in particular, the community from the Home in Ostrów, Poland – I would like to warmly thank the initiators of the “Back to the Garden” campaign as well as the volunteers who took part in it. In the heat of several tens degrees, we worked together with the great people from: Poland Convention Bureau of the Polish Tourist Organization from Warsaw, Kielce and Rzeszów, Representatives of Arłamów Hotel, Klomb company from Rzeszów and Podkarpacki Cooperative Bank in Przemyśl. We would like to thank Krzysztof, Kinga, Ania, Kasia, Ania, Marianna, Lidka, Michał, Wojtek, Radek as well as Mrs Danusia and her employees. May smile and joy on faces of our children be an expression of gratitude!!!! - Agnieszka Ustrzycka, Director of Home in Przemyśl and Ostrów.


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