New event policy

New regulations setting a limit on the number of gathering participants will come into force in mid-October. As a result, events staged in green zones will be aimed at max. 100 guests, and in the yellow zones - at max. 75 attendants. Up to 50 people continue to be allowed at gatherings in red zones, which will now also be affected by an additional restriction, with restaurants, pubs and bars closing at 10pm. Covering of mouth and nose in public spaces, up to now obligatory only in red zones, will be required also in yellow zones.


The Ministry of Health periodically updates a map of danger zones (PL) in particular regions upon the basis of the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases. A county is classified as a red zone when 12 and more cases have been recorded per 10,000 residents over the last 14 days, and as a yellow zone - when there are 6-12 new cases per 10,000 residents. Counties threatened with additional restrictions are classified as blue zones, while green zones adhere to existing safety rules.

Restrictions introduced in the designated counties pertain to, i.a. the obligation to wear face masks, staging trade shows and congresses, sports and cultural events, food service, wedding parties and transportation.

Trade shows and congresses are allowed in yellow zones, but the number of their participants depends on space at the disposal of a host venue (4 m2 of space per one person). In the case of sports and cultural events, only 25% of all available seats are reserved for the audience. Open-air cultural events can be attended by up to 100 people. The same limit applies to other types of events and family gatherings, such as wedding parties. Amusement and recreational parks are open if they are able to guarantee 10 m2 per one attendant. Food service venues (both of the indoor and outdoor variety) need to ensure 4 m2 per person.

Trade shows and congresses are not allowed in red zones, along with cinemas, gyms and sanatoria, amusement parks and funfairs. Gatherings and family meetings must not be attended by more than 50 participants. Fans are not allowed at sports events, while all cultural events are cancelled. Food service venues (both of the indoor and outdoor variety) need to ensure 4 m2 per person.

Depending on the number of new cases and pandemic’s further spread, the Ministry of Health (PL) will be introducing more restrictions in affected zones.

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