New certified trainings for the industry of congresses and events

The Academy of Polish Conference and Congress Association project was launched on 14 October 2019, not coincidentally the National Education Day. Its programme of training sessions was developed by experienced experts, representatives of the meetings industry.


The Academy involves unique trainings aimed at using intriguing and unusual methods to pass on extensive know-how in the area of staging conferences, congresses and events. Its list of goals encompasses developing competencies and identifying predispositions to planning, developing, implementing and coordinating events. The sessions predominantly focus on the practical aspects of the career of a meeting planner, but still take into account theoretical knowledge in the field of marketing communication, law and project management.

The primary objective of the Academy of Polish Conference and Congress Association is to professionalise services aimed at organisers of congresses and conferences, advance knowledge, improve skills and reinforce the professional status of people operating in the market of congresses and conferences. The trainings will be divided into four sectors, depending on the specific profile of operations run by the ordering customer, with particular thematic modules differing in content. After attending a training session, participants will become accredited by Polish Conference and Congress Association.

Lecturers Anna Górska, Vice President for International Cooperation at Polish Conference and Congress Association, and Katarzyna Cioch, Vice President for Research and Development, argue that “The Academy is intended to inspire a discussion about educating the industry as a whole and meant to determine if the Polish meetings sector is sufficiently educated and, consequently, competitive and professional. The international character of the project, the fact that it benefits from the expertise and examples provided by foreign organisations plus grants accreditations, is what makes the Academy virtually peerless in Poland”.

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