Michelin Guide partners with Polish Tourism Organisation to highlight Krakow, Warsaw and Poznan

The Polish Tourism Organisation and MICHELIN Guide have signed an agreement to include Polish cities in the world-renowned Michelin Guide. The promotion will initially focus on Warsaw, Krakow, Poznań, and surrounding areas.

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Polish Tourism Organisation and Michelin Guide partner to boost culinary tourism in Poland

The selection of cities is the first stage of cooperation between the Polish Tourism Organisation and the MICHELIN Guide. Inspectors have already set out for Poland to verify and evaluate local restaurants. This is a chance for the entire gastronomic industry from Poland's most significant cities to showcase themselves and be part of the elite group of places that guarantee the highest culinary experiences. In the second stage, planned for June, there will be a summary and the awarding of prestigious distinctions such as Michelin Stars and Bib Gourmands for top restaurants.

With its rich culinary traditions, Poland will appear in the Michelin Guide for the first time in history. This is a project supporting the development of culinary tourism in the international market. Being included in this prestigious ranking is another impulse for expanding the Polish brand. Global trends show that culinary tourism is becoming increasingly popular, especially among those seeking authentic experiences associated with a particular place. Undoubtedly, Poland, known for its hospitality, guarantees refined culinary experiences, says the State Secretary at the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, Andrzej Gut Mostowy.

The MICHELIN Guide has been on the market since 1900 and is considered the most important culinary guide in the world. It is number one in terms of sales, history, and reputation. In this edition, the MICHELIN Guide covers 62 regions and cities, of which 30 are located in Europe. Already been present in Poland since 1997, with a selection in Warsaw, then adding Cracow in 2008, today the MICHELIN Guide has announced the extension of its Polish scope to the city of Poznań.

I want to congratulate the Polish Tourism Organisation for taking on the challenge and introducing Poland to the group of countries selected by the Michelin Guide. In the first stage, three Polish regions will appear in the prestigious ranking, and more will be added in the coming years. From the point of view of the HoReCa sector, this is a huge opportunity, but also motivation to bring gastronomic tourism to an even higher level, including through training that raises the qualifications and skills of chefs, says the President of the Polish Academy of Gastronomy and the exclusive partner of the Michelin Guide in Poland, Maciej Dobrzyniecki.

The Red Guide is based on an extensive system of symbols describing each restaurant. In addition, for restaurants with a star, a list of their three culinaryspecialties is included. MICHELIN Guide uses anonymous inspections when creating their guides. There is no fee for inclusion on the list, but Michelin reserves the right to visit the venue on average once every 18 months to update the evaluation.

This is a great moment for Poland, local cities, and our tourism industry. The addition of Krakow, Poznan, and Warsaw to the culinary elite will influence the creation of national standards and position Poland as a culinary destination on the global tourism market. The Michelin Guide is a guidepost for those who are guided not only by unforgettable taste experiences but also by tourism experiences. In times of the reconstruction of arrivals to Poland, the guarantee of quality and the highest standards is an important element taken into account by foreign guests. I believe that cooperation with the Michelin brand will be a motivation for further work for the entire sector, which will bring tangible economic benefits - says Rafał Szmytke, the President of the Polish Tourism Organisation.

The cooperation of the Polish Tourism Organisation with the MICHELIN Guide brings a number of benefits. The development of infrastructure and transport, the promotion of regional culinary traditions and the local food market, the attraction of investors in the hotel and catering industry, the increase in the quality of services provided, the prestige of Polish cities around the world, and the interest of foreign tourists are just some of the many expected effects.


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The culinary scene of Warsaw has always been dynamic and incredibly creative, which was especially visible during the pandemic. It is characterized by an incredible diversity, which refers to three elements: Places - some of which are extremely iconic; Products - meaning the restaurateurs' attention to the best suppliers; and People - the creators and artists of Warsaw's gastronomy. Cooperation with the Michelin Guide opens a new chapter in building an even stronger brand for our city. It will certainly increase tourists' awareness of the quality of Warsaw's tourism offer - the best European tourist destination for 2023. It will also be significant in strengthening interest in our city as a destination, explains the President of the Warsaw Tourist Organization, Barbara Tutak.



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Krakow - the European Capital of Gastronomic Culture 2019 - as one of two Polish cities, has already appeared in the pages of the famous Michelin Guide. Undoubtedly, Krakow has numerous resources that have ensured this success - historic recipes, the highest quality products from local suppliers, as well as hospitality and a friendly atmosphere. Krakow's genius loci is also present in gastronomy on the Main Square, by the Vistula River, and in the alleys of Kazimierz - in historic interiors, the dishes taste truly exceptional. The intensification of cooperation with the Michelin Guide will contribute to the promotion of Krakow as an attractive culinary destination and encourage food lovers to visit our city, says the Director of the Tourism Department of the Krakow City Hall, Elżbieta Kantor.



Already been present in Poland since 1997, with a selection in Warsaw, then adding Cracow in 2008, today the MICHELIN Guide has announced the extension of its Polish scope to the city of Poznań.

With its Old Market Square – one of its gems – and streets full of charm, Poznań is a city our inspectors have enjoyed exploring. Its cuisine reflects its cosmopolitan outlook, with influences ranging from Italy to Japan and, while chefs show respect for traditional recipes, they are not afraid to interpret these in a modern fashion”, commented Gwendal Poullennec, International Director of the MICHELIN Guides.

Across all three Polish cities, professional talent shines, with ambitious chefs keen to reinterpret the essence of Polish cuisine and highlight Poland’s gastronomy on the international culinary scene”, continued Poullennec.


For many years, the culinary offer of Poznan has been gaining popularity and becoming an increasingly important element in choosing a travel destination. Today, it is one of the main arguments in favor of visiting our city, and we have the impression that soon it will become the leading one. That is why it is not surprising that Poznan is increasingly called the capital of Polish gastronomy, adds the President of the Poznan Local Tourist Organization, Jan Mazurczak.

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It is just the beginning

The accession of Polish cities is also associated with the possibility of organizing the largest international culinary events, such as the Bocuse d'Or or Global Chefs Challenge.

Promoting Warsaw, Krakow, and Poznan with an international publisher is also an opportunity for the development of gastronomic personnel, who, due to their constant pursuit of current trends and visits from guests and inspectors demanding the highest taste experiences, will have to constantly expand their knowledge and improve their skills.

In Poland, the MICHELIN Guide is starting a partnership with the Polish Tourism Organisation, to fund communication, digital and marketing campaigns to promote the selections of Warsaw, Cracow and Poznań to the world. The Polish chefs and their teams worth being known and highlighted for their talent and creativity.

Nevertheless, as always since its creation in 1900, the MICHELIN Guide’s restaurant selection will be created in an independent manner by its expert inspectors, following the universal and historical methodology of The MICHELIN Guide.

Their assessments are based on five criteria:

  1. the quality of the produce
  2. the mastery of the cooking techniques
  3. the harmony of flavors
  4. the personality of the chef as expressed on the plate
  5. and consistency, both across the menu as a whole and over time

The full Polish selection – from recommended restaurants to great value Bib Gourmand and Michelin Starred establishments – will be unveiled by the MICHELIN Guide in the upcoming months. It will be available on the MICHELIN Guide website and a free mobile app (iOS and Android).

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