"Meetings, by Default or meetings by Design" three events in Poland

Three Polish cities join a worldwide tour. Wroclaw, Krakow, and Gdansk are joining a global event celebrating the premiere of a book that serves as a guide on how to design better meetings to make them more productive, engaging, and effective. The authors of the book, "Meetings, by Default, or meetings by Design?" Mike van der Vijver and Eric de Groot, will meet with the local MICE industry and explore and discover the new role of F2F meetings in the post-pandemic world.


Mike van der Vijver, a Meeting Design expert, who will be coming to our country in April, will encourage the Polish MICE industry to rethink the role of F2F meetings, which have changed drastically over the past few years. What are they really about? Education, building relationships, or something else? What goals should they achieve compared to other communication channels, especially online? What needs to be done to improve the quality of their programs? Get ready for a strategic, engaging, fresh, and thought-provoking educational session!

The events are organized by MindMeeting as part of a global tour celebrating the publication of the book Meetings, by default or by design, which will be available for purchase during the events. Events have already been held in Spain, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Finland, Denmark, Estonia, Belgium, Dubai, the UK, Slovakia, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and discussions are ongoing in Romania, Sweden, Germany, the United States, France, Singapore, and Malaysia. Now, Poland is joining the tour!

The event is organized in an interactive session format. In Poland, the meetings will be held at the initiative of Anna Gorska, a Board Advisor at Symposium Cracoviense. The results of research conducted during meetings, including those in Gdansk, Wroclaw, and Krakow, will be presented at this year's IMEX trade fair in Frankfurt.

When and where in Poland?

Wrocław – 19.04.2023

Kraków* – 20.04.2023

Gdańsk – 21.04.2023

The number of seats is limited. Participation in meetings is free of charge. You're welcome to join!


The new book, which comes ten years after the publication of their first book “Into the Heart of Meetings”, provides practical design solutions for such purpose-designed meeting programmes. “Meetings by Default or by Design” is a workbook offering improvement suggestions for meetings and events on forty different topics, ranging from meeting objectives to openings and closings, and from dealing with elephants in the room to spicing up content.

Together with their “crash-tester” Martin Sirk, the authors will report back on their findings during the IMEX trade show in Frankfurt in May 2023, as well as in subsequent other international events.

Source: press release

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