Meeting of the Wrocław Congress Ambassadors Club

Staged on 10 December 2020, the latest edition of the annual meeting of the Wrocław Congress Ambassadors Club adopted an online format. Inspired by the present-day situation and prioritising the health of participants, this decision did not afflict the exchange of opinions and views about the meetings industry’s future.


In a studio arranged in Concordia Design, one of Wrocław’s most advanced conference venues, Agnieszka Szymerowska (President of the Board, Convention Bureau – Wrocław) summed up 2020 from the perspective of the city’s MICE sector. Next, Aneta Książek (Poland Convention Bureau PTO) and Paula Fanderowska (Polish Conference and Congress Association) called in remotely to present their vision of conferences and congresses in the nearest future. Despite this year’s challenging situation in the industry, the two presentations ended on a positive note, highlighting the opportunities generated by the times ahead.

Concordia Design Wrocław, the studio’s host, was then showcased in a presentation by Ewa Kaucz, Managing Director, who invited participants to visit the venue as soon as it becomes possible.

The meeting culminated in an exchange of observations with all parties agreeing that they will continue to work together in the years to come.

Each year organised by Convention Bureau – Wrocław, the meeting of Wrocław Congress Ambassadors is intended to integrate and strengthen the cooperation between Ambassadors Club members and representatives of the meetings industry, present the city’s corresponding offer, announce new hotels and congress and conference venues, and to provide counselling and support services for organisers of potential events. Last but not least, articles about the operations of Wrocław Congress Ambassadors are regularly published on CB – Wrocław’s website and social media.

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