Łódź placing emphasis on the latest services, science and the creative industry

Confirmation of this is the 8th Annual Conference of the Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) represents the sector of advanced business-oriented services, indicated in Poland Mettings and Events Industry Report 2018 as a the best event in Łódź in 2017.

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The city's potential is also demonstrated by planned international events, such as European Universities Games 2022 or Expo Horticultural 2024.

Among 752 meetings and events organized in 20171 in Łódź and submitted to the Report by Łódź Convention Bureau the most were conferences and congresses (66%). Second group were corporate and incentive events (27%), and third one – trade fairs and exhibitions (8%), which – compared with other cities – distinguished Łódź more than doubled share of trade fairs and exhibitions. A characteristic trait of Łódź involves the highest share of meetings and events staged for the technological industry, as well as the above-average share of events dedicated to the humanities.

Łódź to be undiscovered by many. For more than a decade the city has been rapidly growing. New hotels are being launched, whole quarters of the historical downtown are being revitalised, and the New City Centre is being erected in the very heart of Łódź on an area of 100 ha. Local authorities and entrepreneurs are perfectly aware of the significance of the industry of meetings and events, as demonstrated by the Łódź Convention Bureau established in 2017 as part of the Łódź Tourism Organisation.

A wide range of high-class conference venues, mostly of the special, historical and post-industrial type, combined with a central setting makes Łódź a convenient place to host both nationwide and international events.

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