Launch of the online SKKP Academy

In mid-December 2020 Polish Conference and Congress Association (Stowarzyszenie Konferencje i Kongresy w Polsce - SKKP) launched a series of online training sessions as part of the SKKP Academy project. The latest meetings are dedicated to “Presentations at hybrid events - one stage, numerous perspectives”.

akademia SKKP.jpg

The training session is divided into three modules comprehensively covering the issue of presentations at hybrid events. While hybrid and virtual events have now become our daily reality, are we really ready for them? Do we know how to move around the virtual world, where professional preparations are needed for presentations and appearing in front of the camera? Do we know how to overcome stage fright? The three experts SKKP invited to take part in the project already hosted events for hundreds of thousands of participants. Now they share their knowledge and experience with the participants, revealing the secrets of hybrid conferences: from hints on how to prepare a presentation (Michał Zalewski) through etiquette tips suggesting how to behave in front of the camera (Wojciech S. Wocław) to best practices for developing international events (Łukasz Cioch).

The training session offered by SKKP is, most of all, a response to the present-day reality, in which we are forced to enhance or, in some cases, built from scratch competencies of key importance for operating in the new normal as it is understood in 2021. What makes it stand out is the formula of custom-made programmes by 3 experts that guarantee a comprehensive and multi-layered approach to the issue in question. I would like to invite everyone to take part in the project”, said Paula Fanderowska, President of Polish Conference and Congress Association.

The training session is aimed at everyone doing public speaking, organising and presenting at online conferences, preparing project and product presentations for clients, as well as taking part in project team meetings as part of their daily responsibilities.

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