Kraków Network Together online conference

The first online Kraków Network conference was staged on 30 April to inaugurate a series of regular meetings. Its central theme was focused on event safety, a crucial prerequisite for the meetings industry’s reopening in a brand-new reality. The conference started at 4pm via the ICE Kraków Congress Centre’s Facebook page.


Kraków Network is among the strategic projects that Kraków Festival Office, the operator of ICE Kraków Congress Centre, has been running for five years.

The initiative is aimed at creating a cohesive group of MICE industry units whose close relations would strive to boost the number of business and scientific events staged in Kraków. As the current situation makes business as usual impossible for many companies responsible for producing congresses, conferences, events and concerts, the organisers wish to intensify their efforts by effectively sharing know-how and communication between members of the initiative, all to present the power of the Kraków MICE industry to an optimally broad audience.

This is why – as the vision of live meetings looms somewhere far on the horizon - Kraków Network organisers encouraged everyone to participate in the conference and discuss the safety of events, a crucial prerequisite for the meetings industry to return to standard operations. The conference was attended by, i.a. leaders of Kraków Network project groups, its Hotel Group, Gastronomic Group, PR Group, Kraków Future Lab, Event Group and Kraków Congress Ambassadors Club, presenting their perspective on particular meetings industry fields during short lectures. The conference was streamed directly from the ICE Kraków Congress Centre, where the event hosts were connecting live with particular remote speakers.

During the coronavirus pandemic the MICE industry wishes to show that it continues to work with each other and, simultaneously, solves problems and plans future activities. The conference was made available to everyone interested via Facebook.

The Kraków Network online conference was staged by the City of Kraków and Kraków Festival Office, the operator of ICE Kraków Congress Centre, in cooperation with its technological partner and member of the project, Concept Music Art (CMA).

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