It’s been a while - let us meet in Poland

“It’s been a while - let us meet in Poland” is the concept behind a series of Destination Poland fam trips implemented by POT PCB in cooperation with municipal convention bureaux and the SITE Poland association. The goal of the project is to present the potential of Poland’s particular regions to incentive travel organisers and customers.

We spotlight some truly superb destinations. The sheer number of diverse highlights, hospitality, innovation solutions and determined hosts all deserve acclaim. The ‘Discover Unknown’ motto is exceptionally timely for organisers and clients who for an indefinite period of time are forced to suspend foreign incentive travels”, notes Grażyna Grot-Dudziak, President of SITE Poland, participant of the trip.

The series was kicked off in Wrocław and the region of Lower Silesia (Dolny Śląsk). The fam trip’s leitmotif of incentive travel set in Poland was reflected by the selection of visited venues, whose list included top-class city hotels (Monopol Wrocław and The Bridge Wrocław – MGallery) and modern venues with business potential (Concordia Design). The renovated coal mine in Wałbrzych is now home to the Stara Kopalnia Science and Art Centre, which offers 80 km of underground adits, pottery classes and mining feasts for event purposes. The Hydropolis Water Knowledge Centre is an ideal place for eco and green events featuring workshops on manufacturing environment-friendly gadgets, including beauty products. Topacz Castle boasts 40 ha of magnificent park area made even more attractive by a vehicle collection from the adjacent Automotive Museum, a golf driving range and kayaks. The Centennial Hall complex is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and a mixed-used event venue in the very heart of Wrocław. The educational Visitor Centre offers added value by showcasing the venue’s background, origins and evolution over the years, simultaneously introducing guests to the world of architectural designs of tomorrow. The Multimedia Fountain features an extraordinary show combining elements of music, water jets, lights and animations projected on a water screen. Surrounding the whole complex, the Pergola with a vintage colonnade offers more than 7,500 m2 of open-air area. Across the street, Africarium guarantees the “wow” effect and offers dinner guests a true feast for the senses. Tables are set in an underground glass tunnel filled with 3 million litres of water and 30 awe-inspiring fish species, with sharks, flatfish, moray eels and wrasses at the top of the list. An evening of this sort is an excellent opportunity to experience a one-of-a-kind adventure with no need to travel to distant getaways.

All of this can be found in Poland!

As Wrocław is my hometown, I was particularly delighted to participate in a meeting showcasing the city’s enormous potential. I did not really find it surprising as for many years now I have been making Wrocław and Lower Silesia a part of my business tourism offer, both for incentive travel groups and independent travellers. The region boasts noteworthy castles, vineyards and workshops hosted by local artists - precisely the sort of must-sees we spotlight in our offer of incentive trips set in Poland. Moreover, I was glad to be a part of an event showing that you can travel safely as long as you follow all the regulations and safety measures”, said Grażyna Woźniczka, Member of the Board with SITE Poland, participant of the trip.

The city of Łódź will be the destination of the next fam trip to be implemented in cooperation with Łódź Convention Bureau.

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