Impact’18 congress in Kraków

On 13-14 June 2018 Kraków will host the Impact’18 congress - a seminal event dedicated to the future of digital economy in business, science and administration.


Experts involved in the economic application of artificial intelligence will meet in Kraków. The guest list will also include Sophia - an AI humanoid robot.

Sophia was developed three years ago by the Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics. A year and a half later she participated in United Nations sessions and in 2017 became the world’s first robot to receive the citizenship of any country (Saudi Arabia in this case). Also featured on the front cover of ELLE Brazil, Sophia will now pay her first visit to Poland.

The future of Sophia and similar robots stirs up great emotions, not only because of her human behaviour, but also due to the increased interest in applying artificial intelligence in economy. Scientists estimate that in less than 50 years robots will be taking over the majority of basic and automated tasks currently performed by people. Analysts forecast that in the nearest future the sales volume of systems based on artificial intelligence will reach 800 million USD - four times more than a year before.

The meeting with Sophie at Impact'18 in Kraków will provide all experts with an opportunity to answer how artificial intelligence will influence the development of biotechnology, the financial market or cities and its residents. Figures are currently showing that the employment of artificial intelligence boasts enormous potential.

For more information see the congress website

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