IBTM World 2023: Witness Poland's Dynamic MICE Sector in Barcelona!

Sixteen partners of the Polish Tourism Organisation - Poland Convention Bureau will showcase their offerings at the IBTM World trade show in Barcelona. This diverse group includes representatives from convention bureaux, as well as Professional Congress Organizers, companies organizing Incentive Travel, DMCs, airlines, and congress and exhibition venues.


In 2023, the Polish Tourism Organisation experienced an exceptional level of interest, receiving a record-breaking 26 applications to participate in the IBTM World Trade Show in Barcelona. Initially constrained by space limitations, POT could only accommodate half of these applicants. Nevertheless, through the implementation of certain solutions, we successfully increased the number of exhibitors to sixteen.

List of official participants at the Polish National Stand:

  • ICE Kraków Congress Centre
  • G2A Arena Exhibition and Congress Centre of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship
  • Poznań Congress Center - MTP Group
  • Travel Projekt DMC Poland
  • JAN-POL DMC Poland
  • DMC Poland
  • Mazurkas Travel DMC Poland
  • Warsaw Convention Bureau
  • Mazovia Convention Bureau
  • Convention Bureau - Wrocław
  • Kraków Convention Bureau
  • Gdańsk Convention Bureau
  • Poznań Convention Bureau
  • Silesia Convention Bureau
  • Świętokrzyskie Convention Bureau
  • Polish Airlines LOT

Additionally, the Lublin Conference Center and Lublin Convention Bureau (Lublin Regional Tourist Organization) -ill join the Polish representation and accompany us on a special mission on Wednesday.

For more details about Polish partners visit Poland`s profile on IBTM World online platform.


POLAND. More than you expected

This year, marketing activities at the Polish National Stand in Barcelona are carried out under the slogan of the campaign POLAND. More than you expected. Find out more details on the dedicated website

Additionally, the Polish Tourism Organisation is preparing many surprises as part of the conducted activities in the field of sensory marketing.

Basia Giewont Poland more than you expected

Once again, Musical Mornings with Basia Giewont and her band are scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, along with a rendition of the song "Let's Talk Business" by Brian Allan in a new arrangement, and its release on a specially prepared Spotify Playlist of the Polish artist.

Polish Music Spotify Playlist

Regional Delicacies Happy Hour on Wednesday

Just like music, delicious Polish food connects hearts worldwide, regional cuisine serves as a universal bond, expressing unique traditions, stories, and a sense of belonging within communities.

Join us for a special Regional Delicacies Happy Hour event at our stand on Wednesday 5.00 PM and indulge in a diverse array of delicacies representing various Polish regions, such as Bean honey from Ulik Apiary Farm in Roztocze, Półtorak Lubelski mead from Apis, Rose jam from Końskowola, regional wine “Winnica Nad Jarem”, cheeses from Sandomierz, Miodula ® Staropolska from the Beskid Mountains and Cieszyn Silesia, Kopalnioki the most appreciated sweets in Silesia.


The regional delicacies at the Polish Stand G100 in Barcelona are made possible thanks to the generosity of several partners:

  • Silesia Convention Bureau,
  • G2 Arena – The Congress and Exhibition Center in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship,
  • Mazovia Convention Bureau
  • Swietokrzyskie Convention Bureau,
  • Lubelskie Region - LCK Conference Centre and Lubelskie Convention Bureau.

Meet three amazing Polish women and Culture Creators

BASIA GIEWONT - Music is a universal language that transcends barriers and connects people on an emotional level. It has the power to evoke a wide range of emotions, express individual and collective experiences, and foster a sense of community. In case you haven’t had a pleasure yet, meet Basia Giewont, our Musical Ambassador in Barcelona. She is a Culture Creator who profoundly identifies with her roots in Zakopane, the Malopolska Region, and the Polish Mountains.

Basia`s musical works, presented on stages all over Poland, combine elements of folk with electronic sound and alternative pop. She draws inspiration not only from the Podhale culture but also from the richness of folk art of Mazovia and Silesia. Basia breaks the mould by creating a one-of-a-kind blend of pop music and discernible Polish folk culture roots. The artist immerses herself in the stories and instrumentations of the past, drawing from the texts of old songs, which are a constant inspiration for her. The result of her work is unique songs that combine modernity and the soul of tradition.


ZOFIA STRYJENSKA - The vibrant graphics on our card`s cover in Barcelona were crafted by AI, drawing inspiration from the works of Zofia Stryjeńska (1891—1976), a distinguished Polish Art Deco painter, graphic artist, illustrator, set designer, and fabric, poster, and toy designer associated with Warsaw and Zakopane.

Zofia Stryjeńska received four Grand Prix awards at the 1925 International Exhibition of Decorative Art in Paris for architectural decoration, poster, fabric, and book illustration, along with two honorary diplomas. Her uniquely simplified forms radiate a joyful spirit, combining the affirmation of life entrenched in Polish tradition with the natural rhythm.

Beyond her accolades, Zofia Stryjeńska was a trailblazer in promoting Polish folklore through her art. She had a profound passion for showcasing the richness of Polish culture and tradition. Her artistic vision often drew inspiration from folk motifs, religious themes, and historical events, reflecting a deep admiration for Poland’s heritage. Stryjeńska’s dedication to preserving and revitalizing folk artistry contributed significantly to the cultural renaissance in Poland during the early 20th century. Her meticulous attention to detail and vibrant compositions not only captured the essence of tradition but also revitalized and popularized these cultural elements among a broader audience, both within Poland and internationally. Her legacy continues to resonate within the realms of Polish art, influencing generations of artists and fostering a renewed appreciation for the country’s cultural heritage.

If you’re eager to delve into Polish culture, we highly recommend watching “The Peasants” movie, Poland’s submission for the upcoming Academy Awards (Oscars). This compelling story is based on Wladyslaw Reymont’s Nobel Prize-winning novel of the same title. This isn’t just an incredible movie; it’s also a visual masterpiece.


ZUZANNA LOBODZINSKA -Nearly a century later, we commissioned Krakow artist Zuzanna Łobodzińska, known as “Rose me up,” recognized for her handmade headbands, fancy wreaths, brooches, and larger custom-made decorations, to design and create the poppy flower brooch exclusively for us. She created organic brooch, inspired by Zofia Stryjeńska’s work, is entirely crafted from organic elements. At the Polish stand G100, you can receive the box containing Zuzanna’s brooch and the specially designed card. This carefully crafted gift is part of the “POLAND. More than you expected” campaign, tailored for international event planners.

Zuzanna’s remarkable story began with decorating shop windows in Krakow in the 1990s. Decorating shop windows were very popular at that time – shop owners competed with each other, trying to intrigue and attract as many customers walking around the center as possible. Her mother, Barbara Łobodzińska, is a wonderful artist and decorator. At that time, she decorated many places in Krakow. She had amazing ideas, and when displaying products, she was not afraid to surprise – there were motorbikes, palm trees and lots of other crazy exhibits.

Over the years, Zuzanna began not only to accompany her mam but also to help her. And so this cooperation continues. In the meantime, she graduated from the Faculty of Landscape Architecture at the Krakow University of Technology, where she fell in love with the world of plants and learned better about the art of design. Zuzanna started experimenting with combining cut flowers, potted plants and artificial flowers, which brought great results when working on various events, photo sessions and scenography.

At some point, Zuzanna specialized in floral (green) walls – she still considers them to be very impressive decorations for a party (as a background for photos), a shop window or even the facade of a tenement house. Today, Rose Me Up creates dream decorations.


IBTM WORLD - Culture Creators

The IBTM trade show organizers say:

"Business events are more than just sales and marketing tools. As #eventprofs, we do more than just create experiences... We are Culture Creators. We deliver better business outcomes, transform audiences into communities, ignite a sense of belonging, and help leaders overcome challenges. This year, we're on a mission to show the business world what MICE events can truly achieve.

IBTM World is a renowned annual trade show held in Barcelona, gathering professionals from the meetings, events, and business tourism industry. It serves as the premier platform for industry leaders to exchange insights, discover new trends, and foster collaboration within the international business events community.

@IBTMevents #IBTMWorld #PolandCVB #eventprofs #CultureCreators #CultureCreates #MorethanyouexpextedPL

Poland Convention Bureau Team at IBTM

Let`s meet in Barcelona at the Polish National Stand G100. Jaroslaw Marciuk and Magda Mazgaj look forward to seeing you there and discussing our mutual interests and collaborations. See it and hear it by yourself – POLAND. More than you expected.



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