A huge number of guests and tourists visited Łódź during its 600th birthday weekend!

Łódź welcomed thousands of tourists who celebrated the city's 600 years of history! Manufaktura, Piotrkowska Street, and other attractions in Łódź were bustling with life during the birthday weekend - the number of visitors and event participants exceeded the organizers' wildest expectations.

 Lodz 600th birthday weekend

During the 600th anniversary celebrations, Łódź became a place of unusual tourist activity. The jubilee of the city attracted so many guests that the city was almost fully booked.

Some venues had all their rooms booked a month before the event. The rooms that became vacant were immediately booked by the next arriving guests. Taking into account the number of all-year-round beds, including those prepared especially for this event, it can be assumed that around 20,000 person-nights were provided in accommodation facilities during the birthday weekend alone. Most guests decided to stay overnight on Friday and Saturday.

“Most hotels in the city had 100% occupancy, regardless of market segment. Very often, double rooms were used by whole families with children. As hoteliers, we would dream that the celebration of the 600th anniversary of Łódź would last every weekend until the end of the year, and even longer.” says Dominik Chrapek, general director of DoubleTree by Hilton Łódź.

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Piotrkowska Street Lodz

Tourist attractions during birthdays

The main attraction during the birthday weekend was Łódź Summer Festival included five stages located all over the city centre. The main stages concerts were bursting at the seams. During the day, crowds flocked to the main tourist attractions: Manufaktura or Piotrkowska. “The birthday weekend was not only an opportunity to listen to concerts of your favourite stars, but also to get to know Łódź. We recorded highly increased traffic in Manufaktura on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Vibrant with life and good energy, Manufaktura was a popular tourist attraction last weekend. The attendance on those days exceeded our expectations. For example, the Factory Museum recorded over 200% of visitors. How was the turnout over the weekend? These are increases from 50% to over 150% during those days."– says Monika Długosz-Łempicka, marketing director of Manufaktura in Łódź

Manufaktura Łódź 600th birthday

Lodz concert Monopolis

Other museums, exhibitions, shows, picnics and smaller festivals were very popular, but not only them. The city's flagship attraction, Orientarium ZOO in Łódź, was visited by 30,000 guests over the birthday weekend, and the Łódź Tourist Information at 28 Piotrkowska Street was visited by another thousand. There were queues at many places. The number of people willing to take part in free guided walks often surprised the organizers themselves. Hundreds of people attended each tour.

600 years of Łódź all year round

600 years of Łódź all year round

The celebration of the 600th anniversary of the City of Łódź was a spectacular success, attracting a record number of guests. Importantly, the city's offer does not end there - only until the end of the summer, other flagship events will take place under the slogan of celebrating Łódź's birthday:

  • the Freedom Parade with 17 music platforms (August 26),
  • the People in Tune music festival (September 2-3),
  • the 4 Kultur (September 8-17)
  • the famous Light.Move.Festival (September 19 - October 1).

Source: press release ŁOT. Find out more at and Łódź Convention Bureau.

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