Highlights from the 2024 Event Industry Forum (FBE) in Expo XXI Warsaw

On January 10th, another edition of the Event Industry Forum (FBE) took place at Expo XXI Warsaw, with the participation of 256 attendees, 136 exhibitors, two stages, and 29 presentations under the theme "Events of the Future." The event concluded with the Charitable Gala Elfy SBE. Poland Convention Bureau was actively involved, participating in numerous meetings.

 Event Industry Forum (FBE)

FBE is an annual gathering of professionals involved in event organization, including event, marketing, PR agencies, end clients, subcontracting companies, incentive and wedding planners. The Forum's mission is to present events as an integral part of corporate communication with the environment, incorporating educational and exhibition elements. The noticeable increase in the number of participants and exhibitors indicates the growing health of the industry.

The Polish Tourism Organisation was present at this significant event, marking the opening of the season. The Poland Convention Bureau team (Aneta Książek, Magda Mazgaj, and Jarosław Marciuk) had the opportunity to engage in discussions with various representatives of the MICE industry and our exhibiting partners. This event provided us with an excellent opportunity to discover trends, explore offers, and learn about the possibilities offered by entities operating in the meetings industry. We congratulate Łódź Convention Bureau, Mazovia Convention Bureau, Convention Bureau - Wrocław, Silesia Convention Bureau, Warsaw Convention Bureau, Świętokrzyskie Convention Bureau, Szczecin Convention Bureau Project for organizing standsat this year's Event Industry Forum and thank them for discussions regarding our collaboration. The Happy Hour organized at the Łódź Convention Bureau stand particularly caught the attention of forum visitors.

During the educational sessions on the two stages of the Event Industry Forum, 29 topics were discussed, including innovative ERP systems, the role of artificial intelligence in events, the power of breakthrough experiences, sustainable event marketing, design thinking, and event personalization. The THINK MICE debate focused on the implementation of ESG policies in event organization.

– During this year's FBE edition, we wanted to draw attention to the growing and professionalizing market of events targeted at individual clients. The topic generated interest, and we also addressed the most important current issues related to AI, ESG, and the forecast for the development trends of the meeting industry. Exhibitors once again surprised and delighted, and participants brought a lot of positive energy. It is a great pleasure for me to be part of this event – said Agnieszka Huszczyńska, CEO of Evential, the organizer of the Event Industry Forum..

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In the evening, the Charitable Gala Elfy SBE took place, supporting the IRIJ Foundation. The organizers, the Event Industry Association (Stowarzyszenie Branży Eventowej- SBE), and member companies thanked participants for their participation, emphasizing the exceptional atmosphere and artistic performances that further highlighted the charitable initiative.

 Event Industry Forum FBE Warsaw Poland



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