Global Meetings Industry Day 2024

Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID) acknowledges the significant social and economic advantages stemming from meetings, trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, conventions, and incentive travel programs for individuals, businesses, and communities. More than just a worldwide celebration, GMID serves as a platform to underscore to elected officials that business events serve as catalysts for collaboration, investment, and trade. This year's celebration of Global Meetings Industry Day is happening under the slogan #TheEventProfessionalsJourney. Today, we celebrate not only impressive results but also the extraordinary work of professionals who shape the future of events every day.


Events also represent vital sources of business revenue and high-quality employment opportunities. Additionally, these events provide an avenue to showcase the nation's key economic sectors to a global audience, fostering growth and development. Events are not merely logistical occurrences; they embody emotions, forge connections, and create memorable experiences.

This sentiment is echoed in recent reports such as the Poland Events Impact 2023 Report and Poland Convention Bureau`s annual Poland Meetings & Events Industry Reports, which highlight the integral role of these gatherings in Poland's economy.

Let's join hands in celebrating Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID), embracing it as our collective day of recognition and appreciation.

Learn more about how events contribute to the economy of Poland:

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