Foreign meeting planners come to Wrocław

On 16-18 December, Poland Convention Bureau POT, in cooperation with POT International Offices as well as the local host - Convention Bureau Wrocław, organised a study/fam trip held within the “Poland. We Are Meeting Again” campaign, intended for representatives of the meeting industry from priority markets, i.e. Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. It was the first foreign fam trip prepared by PCB POT since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The fam trip is the perfect tool to showcase a given region’s biggest attractions and its conference infrastructure. The agenda of the Wrocław event was extremely rich and varied. Designed to show how the city combines history with modernity, the itinerary included both the Market Square, beautifully decorated for Christmas, as well as the newly created hotels and tourist attractions, such as Hydropolis – a modern educational centre with focus on water, created in a historic 19th century water tank. 

It is worth noting that, as part of the sustainable mobility policy, the city and a local NGO inaugurated the so-called Historic Tourist Lines this year, with particular emphasis on trams. Famtrippers had the opportunity to admire the city from the windows of a historic tram. At the invitation of the Board of the two sites, the guests visited the Centennial Hall complex (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the Wrocław ZOO, which has become one of Poland's most popular tourist attractions. Nearly 2 million people from Poland and abroad visit the zoo each year, mostly attracted by the highly popular Africarium, opened since 2014.

“The agenda of the visit was the result of cooperation between many parties, for which we wish to express our gratitude,” said Agnieszka Szymerowska, President of Convention Bureau Wrocław. “One of the goals of the visit was to render the festive atmosphere of Wrocław in a special way. Another priority was to show the MICE potential of the capital of Lower Silesia. Hence, the visits to hotels. It is worth pointing out that many of the city’s tourist attractions have the potential to organise meetings, such as the already mentioned Hydropolis and the Africarium at the Wrocław ZOO. Thanks also go to the participants for the good atmosphere and for accepting our invitation.”

In addition to the meeting planners, the trip was attended by Christian Boergen, an editor at the German trade journal CIM Magazine, who collected material for an article due to be published in the first half of 2022.

“We are pleased that the visitors were very impressed by the quality of the facilities and attractions presented to them and the gastronomic offer. For most of them, it was the first visit to Wrocław, the city of meetings, but not the last one, as they said themselves. A positive surprise, which will certainly stay with them for longer, was the workshops organised during the visit to the Centennial Hall. Paintings made by the participants will be mementos of Poland and may be a starting point for conversations about Wrocław with family, friends or colleagues and clients. We hope that this is the first of more foreign fam trips to be held in Poland in 2022,” said Aneta Książek, Main Specialist in the Poland Convention Bureau of the Polish Tourism Organisation.



Pictures: Pure Color Media and A. Książek

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