European Solidarity Centre official opening

europejskie centrum solidarnosci
There is no museum in Gdańsk that has exhibits like STAR truck and shipyard gantry. There is no building in Gdańsk that has naturally growing trees inside. No other library has a mezzanine  and platforms. The new building of the European Solidarity Centre in Gdansk will have it grand opening on August 30th-31st.

Long waited opening of the European Solidarity Centre new building will take place on the August Agreements anniversary. The new ESC building located on Solidarity Square 1 in Gdańsk Shipyard designed by FORT is already one of the most recognizable buildings in the city. The building’s which rusty color refers to color of ship hull elements , has over 25 000 square meters of usable surface.

In program of two days celebration which are divided to Civil Day (30 of August) and Celebration Day (31 of August) can be found: architect walks, meetings with special guests (Chris Niedenthal, Jacek Federowicz, Janina Ocholska and many others), many workshops and exhibitions. On Sunday 31 of August the new building of the ESC will be solemnly opened by President of Poland Bronisław Komorowski.

We read on European Solidarity Centre website: “New building of the ESC will be an agora, where people and conceptions meant to building and developing of society can find their place, where people who want a better future can meet. (…) 17 rooms of the ESC building will be occupied by non-governmental organizations, which work for the common good, freedom and human rights. The winter garden, created for artistic activities, meetings and recreation, will be open through the year.  The observation deck (terrace) on the roof offering a beautiful panorama of the shipyard areas and Main City will be open from spring to autumn.”


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