European Economic Congress in Katowice

One of the most important debates on European and Polish economy is now happening in Katowice. Back after a break due to the pandemic, the 12th European Economic Congress adopts a hybrid formula for the very first time.

For three busy days (2-4 September 2020) the International Congress Centre in Katowice will host more than 70 debates and discussions. The 12th European Economic Congress will revolve around the following subjects: Europe of the future, Green Deal, tackling the recession, energy transition and the economy of the digital era. The debates will be grouped in thematic blocks such as: digitalization, new technologies, energy and climate, development and environment, international economic cooperation, transport and mobility, industry, city, metropolis, region, real estate market, education and the labour market, investments, management, the food industry, market and marketing, finances, society - economy, health care.

The European Tech and Start-up Days (ETSD), an accompanying event launched five years ago, will once again bring together representatives of young and creative technology-based companies and experienced investors interested in what is new, as yet unexplored but highly promising. Results of the Start-up Challenge 2020 competition will be announced during an evening gala.

While this officially is the twelfth edition, it also feels like it is the first one, an attempt to return to normal and carve out a niche in a brand-new reality. Assuming a hybrid form, the European Economic Congress has naturally redesigned itself as far as visual communication is concerned. Still, this does not affect its mission and the pillars on which it has been based from the very beginning: valuable participants and educational debates”, explains Wojciech Kuśpik, organiser of the European Economic Congress and European Tech and Start-up Days.

On the first day of the 12th European Economic Congress, the International Congress Centre in Katowice was visited by 1,500 guests, with 3,000 registered onsite attendants and more than 6,000 online participants. The debates streamed through and assorted portals are watched as many as 40,000 times, with close to 2,000 people “seated” in virtual congress rooms.

The 12th edition of the European Economic Congress and European Tech and Start-up Days are staged in highly specific circumstances and as such follow all the expected health and safety-related requirements.

Source and photo: Imago Public Relations

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