Diverse Membership: A Closer Look at Polish ICCA Members

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Meet the Industry Leaders - 17 Polish ICCA Members. These esteemed members play a pivotal role in elevating Poland's position on the global meetings map, offering a myriad of benefits and opportunities for both domestic and international event organizers. ICCA members from Poland include:

  • 8 municipal and regional Convention Bureaux: Poland's Convention Bureaux, such as the Poznan Convention Bureau, Warsaw Convention Bureau, Wrocław Convention Bureau, Gdansk Convention Bureau, Krakow Convention Bureau, Lodz Convention Bureau, Lublin and Region Convention Bureau, and Silesia Convention Bureau, act as strategic partners for event planners, providing valuable assistance in destination selection, venue sourcing, and logistical support. Through ICCA membership, these bureaux gain access to a powerful network of industry professionals, enhancing their visibility on the global stage and attracting prestigious international events to their cities.
  • 6 Congress Centres and Trade Fairs: ICCA members like ICE Krakow Congress Centre, G2A Arena in Rzeszow, Katowice International Congress Centre, and Palace of Culture & Science in Warsaw, Targi w Krakowie, and Poznan Congress Centre offer facilities and cutting-edge technology, making them ideal venues for conferences, congresses, and exhibitions of various scales. Being part of ICCA's extensive network empowers these congress centres to connect with potential clients, collaborate with event organizers, and leverage market insights to stay at the forefront of the meetings industry.
  • 1 Airline: LOT Polish Airlines, as an ICCA member, plays a crucial role in facilitating seamless travel experiences for delegates attending international events in Poland. By aligning with ICCA, the airline strengthens its position as a reliable partner for event organizers, offering tailored solutions for attendees and delegates from around the world.
  • 2 PCOs: The presence of professional congress organizers such as Symposium Cracoviense and Mazurkas Travel Congress and Conference Bureau adds a valuable dimension to ICCA's Polish membership. These PCOs possess specialized expertise in event planning, logistics, and delegate management, ensuring the successful execution of conferences and congresses in Poland. ICCA membership offers them a platform to showcase their proficiency, forge new partnerships, and access industry-specific resources.
  • 1 National DMO - Polish Tourism Organisation and its dedicated department - Poland Convention Bureau.

What are the benefits of ICCA Membership for Poland?

For all Polish ICCA members, joining this prestigious global association unlocks a plethora of benefits. The extensive network facilitates networking and collaborative opportunities, enabling them to connect with industry peers, potential clients, and partners from around the world. Through ICCA's database of international meetings, members gain valuable market insights, empowering them to make data-driven decisions and align their offerings with market demands.

Furthermore, ICCA's educational programs (ICCA Skills) and workshops foster continuous learning, equipping members with the latest industry trends and best practices.

Polish members actively participate in ICCA events, and congresses, where they showcase their destinations, venues, and services to a global audience of event planners. Through these events, they have the opportunity to position Poland as an attractive and competitive meeting destination, attracting a diverse range of events to the country.

In conclusion, ICCA's Membership Directory for 2022 underscores Poland's significant presence and impact within the global meetings industry. From convention bureaux facilitating destination selection to congress centres hosting world-class events, and airlines ensuring seamless travel, Polish ICCA members offer a comprehensive array of services that enhance the success and appeal of the country as a top-notch meeting destination. By being part of ICCA, these esteemed members gain unparalleled networking opportunities, market insights, and educational resources, propelling them to thrive and contribute to the dynamic and evolving world of international events.

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The full list of ICCA Members from Poland (in alphabetical order, 2023)

Convention Bureau – Wrocław
Address: Wystawowa 1, IASE,  Wroclaw 51-618
Contact: Ms. Wiktoria Król-Cieciorowska
More information:

G2A Arena
Address: Jasionka 963, Jasionska 36-002 Rzeszow
Contact: Mr. Kamil Szymanski
More information:

Gdansk Convention Bureau - Gdansk Tourism Organization
Address: 22 Uczniowska St.  80-530 Gdansk
Contact: Ms. Malgorzata Kopij
More information:

ICE Krakow Congress Centre
Address: 30-302 Cracow 30-302
Contact: Ms. Paulina Gorecka
More information:

Katowice International Congress Centre
Address: Plac Slawika I Antalla 1 Katowice 40-163
Contact: Mr. Marcin Stolarz
More information:

Krakow Convention Bureau
Address: Pl. Wszystkich Swietych 3-4 31-004 Cracow
Contact: Ms. Malgorzata Przygorska-Skowron
More information:

LOT Polish Airlines
Address: 43, Komitetu Obrony Robotnikow Warsaw 02-146
Contact: Marta Wisniewska
More information:

Lodz Convention Bureau
Address: 28 Piotrkowska street 2U  Lodz 90269
Contact: Mr. Robert Zintera
More information:

Lublin & Region Convention Bureau
Address: Krakowskie Przedmieście 6 20-002 Lublin
Contact: Ms. Dorota Lachowska
More information:

Mazurkas Travel Congress and Conference Bureau
Address: Wojska Polskiego 27 01-515 Warsaw
Contact: Mr. Andrzej Hulewicz
More information:

Palace of Culture & Science in Warsaw
Address: Defilad Square (Plac Defilad 1), XV floor
Warsaw 00-901
Contact: Mr. Tomasz Albinski
More information:

Polish Tourism Organisation - Poland Convention Bureau
Address: 42 Mlynarska St. 01-171 Warsaw
Contact: Ms. Aneta Ksiazek
More information:

Poznan Congress Center
Address: Głogowska 14, 60-734  Poznan 60-734
Contact: Ms. Anna Paczos
More information:

Poznan Convention Bureau
Address: Plac Kolegiacki 17 61-841 Poznan
Contact: Mr. Jan Mazurczak
More information:

Silesian Tourist Organisation - Silesia Convention Bureau
Address: Mickiewicza 29, 40-085 Katowice
Contact: Ms. Agnieszka Sikorska
More information:

Symposium Cracoviense
Address: Krupnicza 3, 31-123 Kraków
Contact: Ms. Anna Górska
More information:

Targi w Krakowie Ltd.
Address: EXPO Kraków Galicyjska 9 31-586 Cracow
Contact: Mrs. Ewa Woch-Kosmider
More information:

Warsaw Convention Bureau
Address: Palace of Culture and Science 9th floor, office 937 Plac Defilad 1 00-901 Warsaw
Contact: Mr. Mateusz Czerwinski
More information:

What is the role of the Poland Convention Bureau?

The Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna, POT) is a national organization responsible for promoting Poland as a tourist destination on both domestic and international fronts. Its primary role is to develop and implement strategies that attract tourists to explore the country's diverse cultural, historical, and natural attractions. Within the Polish Tourism Organisation, there is a dedicated department - the Poland Convention Bureau, which specifically focuses on promoting Poland as a destination for meetings, conferences, and events in the MICE  sector. The Poland Convention Bureau acts as a neutral partner, facilitating collaboration between various stakeholders in the meetings industry.

As an ICCA member, the Poland Convention Bureau plays a crucial and active role in the global meetings industry. Its membership in ICCA, the International Congress and Convention Association, provides the bureau with numerous advantages and opportunities to enhance Poland's position as a preferred destination for international conferences, conventions, and events. The role of the Poland Convention Bureau as an ICCA member includes:

  1. Global Networking and Collaboration: ICCA membership connects the Poland Convention Bureau with a vast global network of industry professionals, including other convention bureaux, congress centres, event organizers, and suppliers. It allows to build long-lasting relationships and business opportunities with the buyers from associations.

  2. Market Intelligence and Insights: As an ICCA member, the Poland Convention Bureau gains access to comprehensive market intelligence and data about the international meetings industry. This information helps the bureau stay informed about global trends, market demands, and emerging opportunities, enabling them to tailor their strategies to attract and host international events effectively.

  3. Education and Professional Development: ICCA offers a wide range of educational programs, workshops, and webinars for its members. By participating in these initiatives, the Poland Convention Bureau's team can continuously enhance their skills and knowledge in event planning, marketing, and destination management, staying ahead of the curve in the competitive MICE sector.

  4. Showcasing Poland as a Meetings Destination: ICCA organizes various global events and congresses, where the Poland Convention Bureau can showcase Poland's offerings and attract potential clients and event organizers. These events provide an excellent platform to position Poland as a sought-after destination for international meetings.

  5. Participation in ICCA's Advocacy Efforts: As an ICCA member, the Poland Convention Bureau has a voice in ICCA's advocacy efforts at both national and international levels. This includes supporting policies and initiatives that promote the growth of the meetings industry, advocating for the interests of the Polish meetings sector, and contributing to the development of sustainable and responsible practices in the global meetings community.

Overall, the role of the Poland Convention Bureau as an ICCA member is to actively contribute to the global meetings landscape, foster collaborations, and leverage ICCA's resources to position Poland as a competitive and attractive meetings destination. By being part of this prestigious international association, the bureau strengthens its ability to attract and host international events, further enhancing Poland's reputation as a thriving hub for the MICE industry.

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