Convention Bureau Wrocław is a new member of ICCA!

We are happy to announce that the Convention Bureau - Wrocław returns to the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA).

Joining this international Association brings for Wrocław many benefits, especially a wide range of new opportunities that ensure attracting congress, conferences and seminars to the capital of the Lower Silesia region. It is an opportunity to gain new contacts and promote our city in the international area.

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ICCA was founded in 1963 on the initiative of travel agencies for the purpose of more efficient, mutual cooperation in the face of the rapid development of the international conference market. ICCA also publishes the most famous and respected report each year, showing the size of the market, which is a motivator for the development of a destination, but also a decision-making element when it comes to choosing a destination. The Association includes the largest specialists in the field of service, transport and organization of international events.

The activities of the Convention Bureau - Wrocław perfectly fit the assumptions and ideas of the Association, among others, by providing annual statistics of meetings from the local market in accordance with the applicable ICCA criteria and the activities undertaken. Membership in ICCA is an additional source of opportunities for acquiring prestigious events to Wrocław, which is the overriding goal of CBW.

The year 2022 is a special time for the Polish meetings industry. By the choice of Krakow, which is this year's host of the 61st ICCA Congress. Due to the fact that the ICCA Congress will be hosted in Poland for the first time, quoting the words of Krakow's authorities, it is proof of the mature position of the meetings industry, on the other hand, it creates great opportunities for its further development, determining success not only in the host city but for the whole country.

The Convention Bureau - Wrocław supported Krakow's offer in acquiring this important industry congress.


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