Construction of Sinfonia Varsovia Centrum gets a green light

Warsaw authorities gave their go-ahead to the construction of a brand-new concert hall that will also feature conference and training rooms. Sinfonia Varsovia Centrum will be located in the Warsaw district of Praga. Atelier Thomas Pucher of Graz is its main designer.

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Construction of Sinfonia Varsovia Centrum heralds the implementation of a major investment project that involves the revitalization of areas located on the right bank of the Vistula. The consent granted by Warsaw authorities constitutes the latest stage of an investment that dates back to 2010, when an architectural competition was announced for project documentation of the modernisation of buildings in 272 Grochowska Street and the construction of a concert hall.

According to the investment plan, Sinfonia Varsovia Centrum will not only be dedicated to concerts. In addition to a concert hall, it will encompass a conference hall, a recording studio, educational and training rooms, as well as a music-themed café and restaurant. It is worth noting that the capacity of the venue’s main hall will amount to 1,850 participants. An additional asset of the discussed project will involve a garden connected with the adjacent Park of Sub-district VI of Praga of Armia Krajowa, as well as a 20 metre-high viewing platform.

Now that the construction of the complex received the go-ahead, the investment’s next stage will involve wrapping up the work on detailed design and tender documentation. The construction works are planned to start in 2020 and their first stage should be complete in 2022, when the newly modernized buildings will become open to the public. The final phase of the project and the opening of Sinfonia Varsovia Centrum is planned to take place in February 2025. Costs of the undertaking amount to approx. 632 million PLN.


Photo: Sinfonia Varsovia

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