Almost 5,000 people will participate in this year’s Economic Forum in Krynica

“The Europe of Tomorrow. ‘Strong’ Meaning What?” is the leitmotif of the 29th edition of Economic Forum to take place in Krynica on 3-5 September. The international meeting will provide an opportunity to discuss the economy and development of Central-Eastern Europe. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and ministers representing his government already announced their presence.

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Economic Forum in Krynica has become a permanent fixture in the calendar of prestigious conferences related to economy, business and international cooperation. This year will mark its already 29th edition, which will be attended by, i.a. Polish politicians: Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Marshal of the Senate Stanisław Karczewski and Minister of Sports and Tourism Witold Bańka. The list of participants also includes Petr Koblic, CEO of the Prague Stock Exchange, and Jorge Delgado, Portugal’s Secretary of State of Infrastructure.

This is just a fraction of attending European elites, as Economic Forum in Krynica each year attracts heads of states and governments, ministers, parliamentary members, business leaders and experts of the third sector. It is estimated that the 29th edition of the Forum will involve almost 5,000 delegates from Europe, Central Asia and the U.S. 

According to organisers, plenary sessions and panel discussions will focus on how Europe will deal with the global structure of political and economic forces.

Visitors to the Economic Forum website will learn that the “The programme of this year’s Forum will include five plenary sessions, as well as over 200 panel discussions structured under several thematic paths. Delegates will address issues from the following areas: business and management, investment and development, Europe and the world, macroeconomics, the new economy, state and reforms, society as well as international policy, security, energy and innovation”. It is worth adding that “Man of the Year” awards are each year presented by the Programme Council of the Economic Forum. Last year the title was received by Saulius Skvernelis, Lithuanian Prime Minister, while previous editions awarded, i.a. Victor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary, Beata Szydło, Polish Prime Minister at the time, as well as Robert Fico, Prime Minister of Slovakia.

All the plenary sessions and panel discussions staged as part of the Economic Forum will be housed in the Conference Centre located around the Krynica-Zdrój promenade. The enterprise is organised by the Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies. The Małopolskie voivodeship is the main partner of the event.



Photo: Economic Forum Facebook fanpage

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