Academy of International Business considers Warsaw’s candidacy

Representatives of Academy of International Business, considering Warsaw as the seat of their annual conference in 2021, took part in a fam trip on 21-22 November 2019.


Academy of International Business (AIB), the premier global community of international business scholars, was established in 1959 and has over 3,000 members in about 72 countries. Membership is open to organisations as well as individuals (

AIB holds an annual conference at the turn of June. Lasting five to six days (two days of pre-conference activities and four days of proper meetings), the event gathers close to 1,000 participants. This year’s edition took place in Copenhagen (Denmark), while the next meeting will travel to Miami (USA). The decision about selecting the 2021 host destination will be made in February 2020.

Warsaw School of Economics assumed the role of the fam trip’s local organiser, with logistics support provided by Poland Convention Bureau POT in cooperation with Warsaw Convention Bureau.

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