3rd Kraków Congress of Medical Tourism

The 3rd Kraków Congress of Medical Tourism will be held at ICE Kraków Congress Centre on 22-23 October 2018. Staged by Polish Tourism Organisation, the visit of Ukrainian business partners was a side event of the 3rd Congress of Medical Tourism.

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The programme promoting Polish healthcare services in international markets, implemented by POT, involves the arrangement of economic missions travelling to Poland from countries such as Norway, the U.S., Russia, Ukraine and United Arab Emirates, They are intended to provide marketing and business support for the showcased medical facilities.

Kraków is celebrated for its highly-skilled physicians practicing medicine at the highest level. As it turns out, the city enjoys worldwide renown with local clinics increasingly willingly picked also by foreign clients.

I am aware of the fact that medical tourism is one of the fastest-growing branches of tourism not only in Kraków, but also abroad. Kraków City Office together with the Kraków Festival Office - the operator of ICE Kraków Congress Centre - is staging the already third edition of the event.

The list of congress speakers will include practicians and theoreticians of medical and tourism industries, both from Poland and abroad (i.a. Israel, Germany, Turkey, Ukraine, the U.S., Great Britain).

The event’s agenda will encompass lectures, panel discussions, workshops and business meetings. tourism

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