38 contenders for the “Polish Congress Ambassador”

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The Council of the Polish Congress Ambassadors Programme, entrusted with the task of selecting the group of twenty winners of this year’s edition, will meet for a session held at the Polish Tourist Organisation head office on 3 June. The current Council members will become familiar with the profiles of all 38 contenders for the prestigious title.


As in previous years, the candidatures were submitted by Council members, higher education institutions and representatives of cities and regions responsible for the promotion of the meetings industry.


Through their activity in international associations, Polish Congress Ambassadors spread knowledge about Poland’s advantages and secure international congresses for the country. Obtaining at least one international event for Poland in the last three years, planning successive conferences, congresses and meetings staged in Poland in the years to come and convincing Council members about dedication to the promotion of Poland are among the key conditions for obtaining the honorary title


Congress Ambassador programmes are conducted in more than a dozen countries worldwide. The discussed initiative is organized by Poland Convention Bureau – Polish Tourist Organisation and the Conferences and Congresses in Poland Association.


The Polish Congress Ambassadors gala will sum up the 2016 edition of the undertaking and award winners at the historical Machine Hall of EC1 Łódź on 22 September.


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