Polish meetings industry in the French press

A journalist began her visit in Kraków, where she acquainted herself with the current facilities adapted for the organisation of meetings, such as the Wieliczka Salt Mine, the Słowacki Theatre, Collegium Maius, the MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Polish Aviation Museum. The ICE multi-functional Congress Centre, which is scheduled to be opened in 2014, was also presented.

After a very eventful stay in Małopolska’s major city, the journalist moved on to Katowice, where she could discover the charms of Silesia. The visit featured an inspection of the Spodek arena and the nearby International Congress Centre, which is under construction, as well as a visit to another Polish mine – the GUIDO hard coal mine in Zabrze. The itinerary also included a visit to the Castle in Pszczyna, the Tyskie breweries and the Giszowiec historical mining district.

A journalist spent the last two days of the visit in Warsaw, where she assessed the capacities of the Pepsi Arena, the Palace of Culture and Science, the Royal Castle and the Grand Theatre. Warsaw also hosted a presentation of the promotional campaign run by the Polish Tourist Organisation, with particular focus on the meetings industry.

Venue visitations were accompanied by sightseeing trips, aimed at presenting the history and major tourist attractions of the cities. Polish cuisine and regional traditions were also featured.

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