4th European Economic Congress in Katowice

The Congress is a three day-long series of debates and meetings attended by 6000 guests from Poland and other European countries. It includes almost 100 sessions and discussions with several hundred panelists. Its themes always revolve around the key issues for the economic and social development of Europe. Every year, the event features heavily in ca. 100 newspapers and TV station broadcasts.

The panelists and guests of this year’s Congress, just as in earlier years, will include EU commissioners and prime ministers of European countries. Economy departments of the Polish government will be well represented. The guests will also include presidents of the largest European companies. The themes of this year’s Congress cover many issues regarding the problems affecting the European economy and challenges faced by Europe due to its internal problems and the dynamic situation of the global economy.

A new approach to energy sources and new financial market regulations, problems with public finances, dilemmas regarding the development of cities and regions, the pursuit of innovative economy, infrastructural investments and changes on the labour market – these are only some of the problems tackled by Europe which will be discussed by the participants of the Congress.

Upper Silesia and Katowice, as evidenced by the success of the previous editions of the Congress, are a good place to discuss the future of common Europe. Congress participants will visit one of the largest agglomerations in Europe, a capital of a region with a huge potential and rich industrial traditions, which is gradually developing its infrastructure and economy.

Details and registration:

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