World Travel Show an opportunity to establish cooperation with other countries

International Tourism Fair World Travel Show offers an opportunity to travel all over world. In the course of three days the participants will be able to visit stands of more than 200 countries and regions from every part of the globe. Mexico is the partner country of World Travel Show, which was honoured by the presence of, i.a. Under Secretary of State in the Ministry of Sport and Tourism Dariusz Rogowski, President of the Polish Tourism Organisation Robert Andrzejczyk, and Alejandro Negrin, Ambassador of Mexico to Poland.


This year’s International Tourism Fair World Travel Show (WTS) is held at Ptak Warsaw Expo with an exhibition space of almost 100,000 sq m and stands and stages making it possible to tour almost all corners of the world. Honorary patrons are i.a. the Ministry of Sport and Tourism and the Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT), with Minister Rogowski and POT President Robert Andrzejczyk attending the opening ceremony.

“International fairs are of great significance for the tourism industry and the popularisation, development, and promotion of tourism by stimulating the changing tourist market. Moreover, they introduce new trends and enable becoming acquainted with new accomplishments of the tourism sector“, said Dariusz Rogowski, Under Secretary of State at the Ministry of Sport and Tourism. The Vice-Minister stressed that events of this sort allow to comprehensively showcase numerous tourist assets. “Participation in fairs is an universal platform of activity enabling the presentation of high quality and the attributes of a given country, region, and particular tourist products”, added Rogowski

The exhibitors include tourist organisations, embassies, cultural and self-government institutions, travel agencies and airlines. In the course of the three-day World Travel Show visitors will be able to take part in meetings with globetrotters and travellers and attend the Asian Culture Festival. Wojciech Cejrowski, Aleksander Doba, Martyna Wojciechowska, and the Bolivian wrestler Carmen Rojas are among celebrities waiting to welcome guests.

Mexico, the special partner of Warsaw Travel Show, will also display its offer at the largest tourism fair in Central-Eastern Europe. “We observe a strong and growing tendency in Poland and work on its further intensification”, said Hector Flores, CEO of the Mexican Tourism Board. “Thanks to cooperation with WTS and Ptak Warsaw Expo Centre, Mexico will improve its relations with the tourism industry and popularise knowledge about our country among consumers from Poland and the region”, added Flores.   

The head of the Mexican Tourism Board also stressed the importance of the expanding airline offer introducing new connections between Poland and Mexico. “Last year about 30,000 Poles came to Mexico, and this number continues to grow. Airline connections are of crucial significance for the development of the tourism industry and relations. Newly launched connections show both that tourism between our two countries has a chance to progress and the potential of this situation”, he explained. In turn, Ambassador Alejandro Negrin admitted: “This campaign will to a considerable degree contribute to mutual understanding between Poland and Mexico, contrary to stereotypes”.  


International Tourism Fair World Travel Show, brimming with travel inspirations, will be held on 20-22 October.


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