Voting starts for eight top influencers participating in the Tourist Blogger Championships. Every voice counts!

You can vote for the best works in the very first Tourist Blogger Championships from 13 to 22 August. Eight contenders will be accepted into the next stage.

The top 16 participants of the competition staged by Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) has already visited the regions they represent and prepared exceptional accounts from their trips. Sailing Lake Rusałka, beach relaxation by the crystal-clear Lake Hańcza, a trip to Polish Provence or a tour of vineyards straight out of a Tuscan landscape. How about sinister witches on Łysa Góra or the volcanic cone of Góra Św. Anny? The bloggers also did not forget about highlights for foodies and showed some first-rate culinary discoveries - pulki potatoes with herring, zylc aspic, Kashubian goose pierogis, delicious and aromatic cheeses seasoned with basil and garlic or hot chili, as well as many other traditional dishes that ought to be tried out by every Pole.  

The discussed rivalry now also involves Internet users that can vote for their favourite blogger until 22 August. The top 16 participants are waiting for your votes and eight influencers will proceed to the next stage. The selection will be made on the basis of voting results, the reach of blogs and the decision of jury members. In other words, the fate of bloggers to a large degree lies in the hands of their readers.

“I am deeply impressed by the posts prepared by participants of the Tourist Blogger Championships. They are a convincing proof that Poland is attractive for tourism in every way imaginable. I am positive that the work performed by influencers involved in this undertaking will inspire many Poles, whether in the context of weekend getaways or longer vacations. For now, however, the bloggers are waiting for your support. I encourage everyone to vote for their favourites”, says Agnieszka Jędrzejczyk, Vice President of Polish Tourism Organisation and chairperson of the competition jury.  

The Tourist Blogger Championships, staged by Polish Tourism Organisation in cooperation with regional tourism organisations, is an exceptional initiative. The objective of the bloggers is to inspire Poles to travel into parts of Poland up to now unknown or unfairly ignored by guides. To take part in the voting visit

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