Ukrainian travel agents explore Poland’s wintertime highlights

A group of travel agents from Ukraine stayed in Małopolska at the invitation of POT. Staged in cooperation with Małopolska Tourist Organisation, the trip was intended to showcase Poland’s top wintertime highlights.


For Ukrainian tourists, Małopolska is a traditional destination for trips in the Christmas and New Year season. The winter calendar of hotels and boarding houses in the Podhale region was once even based on travellers from the East. After the Gregorian New Year’s Day, the somewhat deserted venues were occupied by holidaymakers celebrating Christmas on 7-8 January. This tradition remains alive even though the Three Kings’ Day now extends the Polish winter break.

To remind Ukrainian tour operators about winter in Poland, Polish Tourism Organisation International Office partnered up with Małopolska Tourist Organisation to invite a group of 16 agents representing Alf travel bureau, one of the largest sellers of Poland’s offer.

During a three-day stay the guests toured Kraków, sightsaw the Wawel complex and, after a short break, headed for Krynica. While not as well-known as Zakopane, its offer can easily match that of the wintertime capital of Poland. The stay in Krynica focused on its latest highlights: a wooden path amidst tree tops, hotels and Słotwiny Arena. The agenda would be incomplete without a gondola lift ride to Mt. Jaworzyna Krynicka. On their way back, the Ukrainian agents stayed in “Wieliczka” Salt Mine.

The visit complemented and introduced next week’s 10th Polish-Ukrainian Tourist Forum in Warsaw to be attended by 15 tour operators from all over Ukraine.

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