Ukrainian journalists tour Podlasie

Five female journalists from Ukraine spent three days touring the region of Podlasie. Active tourism constituted the leitmotif of the trip arranged by Polish Tourism Organisation and the Local Tourism Organisation by the Bug.


Similarly as in Poland, active forms of leisure are increasingly popular in Ukraine. The trip to Poland offered Ukrainian trade press journalists a chance to sightsee the breath-taking region of Podlasie. They paid a visit to the stud farm in Janów Podlaski, enjoyed a bike trip along the Green Velo Cycling Trail in Eastern Poland, took part in a kayak trip down the Bug and admired the region’s top agritourist farmsteads. There was also no shortage of quintessential local delicacies and regional wine. Finally, the itinerary included a visit to the Museum of Kayaking and Vintage Motorcycles in Drohiczyn and the Museum of Agriculture in Ciechanowiec.

Ukrainian tourists are increasingly interested in the offer of Polish regions. The strong points of Podlasie include not only unquestionable tourist assets and magnificent highlights, but also its proximity. The setting constitutes a first-rate advantage for all tourists planning shorter, weekend getaways.

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