U.S. TV series Epic Trails to present ideas for holidays in Poland

Shooting began on Epic Trails, a U.S. TV series presenting some of the most beautiful hiking trails in the world. Its crew will traverse the Tatra and Pieniny mountains in search of the most breathtaking footage.


A half-hour episode of the popular Epic Trails show will introduce viewers to ideas on how to spend active holidays in Poland. The region of Małopolska will act as the main filming location and feature top highlights such as the most awe-inspiring trails of the Tatra National Park, mountain climbing, visits to sheep shepherds’ huts and tasting sessions of local cuisine. Film crew members will also visit the Pieniny Mountains, where they will take part in a rafting trip down the Dunajec river and then continue the hiking expedition.

Active tourism is a popular form of leisure among travelers from the U.S. and Canada, where hiking, mountain climbing and rafting all enjoy huge popularity. Epic Trails is intended to show that Poland’s nature can easily compete with the most beautiful places worldwide, while its additional assets such as intimate atmosphere, authenticity, renowned Polish hospitality and delicious cuisine co-create a recipe for great holidays. In addition, Southern Poland is the place of origin for many members of the Polish American community, who regularly visit their homeland. The show will demonstrate that Poland is recommended for longer stays, not only family visits but also holidays.

Epic Trails will be shown by the FOX Sports Sun network, the Outside Television network, as well as the online Backpacker TV. The discussed project was arranged thanks to the assistance of the Małopolska Tourist Organisation.

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