Trading participants from Dubai visited Warsaw

On the eve of the 47th National Day of United Arab Emirates, a group of trading partners from Dubai stayed in Warsaw at the invitation of Polish Tourism Organisation as part of implementing the incoming trade mission of the 3.3.2 sub-measure: Smart Growth Brand Operational Program “Promotion of Polish economy based on Polish brands - Polish Economy Brand”.


The participants represented consultancy firms specialising in the field of tourism organization and media outlets distributed in Dubai’s metro.

On the first day of the stay, the group explored tourist highlights of the capital. Guests toured a permanent exhibition at the National Museum, took a walk along the Old Town and Łazienki Park, as well as enjoyed an opportunity to admire a live theatrical production.

Visits to institutions offering highly specialized medical treatments and rehabilitation services in-demand among patients representing the Arabian market were scheduled on the second day. The agenda involved, i.a. units offering treatment applying the Hal exoskeleton suit, a facility specializing in advanced treatment of orthopedic disorders, as well as a select health resort.

Guests appreciated the Polish offer’s potential in the Arabian market. The high quality of our services, their availability at an affordable price and the proximity of airports were mentioned among the key assets.

In addition, Warsaw won the hearts of the discussed group not only with its varied health care or tourism offer, but also the cuisine served in local restaurants. Beautiful interiors and diverse flavours won universal acclaim. In other words, from the viewpoint of Middle Eastern guests culinary tourism seems to be perfectly complementing its health-centred counterpart.

Guests and invited Polish companies had a chance to discuss the possible application of the Polish offer’s potential during a meeting staged in the headquarters of the Polish Investment and Trade Agency. Finally, a meeting at the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Warsaw acted as a high point of the stay.  

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