Tracking Wildlife: Belgian Influencers on the River Biebrza

Maxime Alexandre, author of the blog Trekking et Voyage, and Samuel Vandenberg, filmmaker for Fokus Pokus Production, visited the Podlasie region recently at the invitation of the Polish Tourism Organisation (POT). The project’s partner was the Podlasie Regional Tourism Organisation.

Maxime Alexandre on Biebrza

Maxime Alexandre is a well-known Belgian blogger passionate about hiking, trekking and sustainable tourism. His stories from different corners of Europe are read by tens of thousands of people interested in wildlife and active recreation in natural settings. His travel companion to the Podlasie region was Samuel Vandenberg, a filmmaker from Fokus Pokus Production who has won awards for his short films and commercials.

The purpose of their visit was to explore the secrets of the River Biebrza – its land and water trails, birds, wild animal tracks, incredible dawns and sunsets in meadows and marshes. The local partner of the project was the Podlasie Regional Tourism Organisation (PROT).

Thanks to PROT’s exceptional commitment, the visit was handled with the utmost professionalism, which was quite a challenge given the specialist nature of the tour. The programme focused on the Biebrza National Park and its environs. The route was chosen to be consistent with the blogger’s original work while also showcasing unique places in Podlaskie province. It included hours-long observation of fauna and flora, a rafting trip, hiking trips, watching animals at dawn as well as sightseeing in the Korycin-Milewszczyzna Cultural Park and the town of Tykocin, local craft workshops, and regional cuisine tasting.

The two journalists left enchanted with the beauty of nature in Poland, and have already started working on a film highlighting the Biebrza area’s assets. Alongside video footage, their trip will also be featured in blog and social media posts.

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