Three Belgian bloggers tour Silesia

A trip to Silesia undertaken by three Belgian bloggers received coverage in social media and blogs. The five-day blog trip was staged thanks to cooperation between Polish Tourism Organisation and Silesian Tourism Organisation.

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Silesia has for years remained an underestimated tourist destination. Fortunately, its stereotypical perception as a post-industrial zone is losing relevance. Travel bloggers Emma, Lot and Elisa got to know all the best parts of this region of Poland.

They traversed the Trail of Eagle’s Nests, winner of the Golden Certificate of Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) in a competition for the Best Tourist Product, where they were impressed by remnants of historical castles and reconstructed strongholds. The bloggers were charmed by hiking, running and cycling trails, bumpy roads favored by off-road enthusiasts, climbing rocks, castles and two near-by deserts. They became familiar with the offer of active tourism for demanding participants, amateurs of climbing and speleology.

The culinary route “Silesian Flavours”, co-created by venues serving traditional local dishes, provided an excellent opportunity to sample Polish cuisine. All the establishments were qualified by a committee of experts including chefs, top names in the cooking world. They guarantee that the “Silesian Flavours” menu focuses exclusively on dishes prepared according to traditional recipes. In this way, the Belgian visitors could try Jura’s gęsi pipek (stuffed goose neck), a delicacy of the Kraków and Częstochowa Upland, and the mouth-watering highlander kwaśnica soup or appreciate the unique honey kvass. In addition to top highlights of the discussed region, the influencers also visited Złoty Potok, Częstochowa and Katowice.

The programme of the Silesian stay prepared with the Belgian travellers in mind made it possible to prepare substantive material that, when given appropriate media coverage, will contribute to boosting the popularity of the region, still relatively unexplored by Belgian tourists.

The first content was published on Instagram and in the next weeks there is more to come on,, and blogs.

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