The Magic of Polish Cities: POT’s New Image Campaign

The Polish Tourism Organisation (POT) has launched a new online image campaign based on works by famous architect and painter Tytus Brzozowski.

Lublin through the lens of the camera and watercolors by Tytus Brzozowski

Over one month, the Facebook profile will post information about selected Polish cities as seen in the famous artist’s watercolours. A total of 13 urban centres are being promoted in this way: Warsaw, Bydgoszcz, Toruń, Poznań, Wrocław, the Tricity, Zamość, Przemyśl, Lublin, Łódź, Katowice, Szczecin and Kraków.

As part of his collaboration with the Polish Tourism Organisation, Tytus Brzozowski visited and painted these cities, capturing the essence of their various characters. His paintings present Poland in a very original and diverse, sometimes wholly magical way. On the one hand, the pictures show accurately depicted details of the architecture, while on the other, these watercolours tell amazing stories about cities full of fantastic goings-on. You can find levitating tenements and pianos, or trams rolling straight out of buildings. Some of the pictures hide buildings from a long time ago, cleverly blended with contemporary architecture.

This promotional image campaign – The Magic of Polish Cities – is running in Poland and internationally, exclusively online, on social media: on the profile and the various market and language profiles of the POT International Offices.

The posts direct visitors to a website with more information about the cities in question, enabling web surfers to compare the reality with the artist’s vision. The campaign is being supplemented with a film in which Tytus Brzozowski serves as our guide in the magical cities.

As an added attraction, online visitors can take part in a photography competition to win a range of merchandise featuring themes from the pictures used in the campaign.

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