Russian bloggers on an eventful trip across Lubelskie

Polish Tourism Organisation staged an intense tourist trip for Russian bloggers. Yana Kovalyeva and Tatyana Leshchenko set out on an exciting tour of the Lubelskie region.

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Moscow-based office of Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) in cooperation with the Lublin Regional Tourist Organisation arranged a Lubelskie-centred travel plan for prominent Russian tourist bloggers Yana Kovalyeva and Tatyana Leshchenko. The two bloggers stand out due to their above-average social media presence, continuously generating new content for their accounts. As a writer, Yana Kovalyeva is also professionally associated with the well-known Russian publishing house Eksmo, whose catalogue includes series of travel guides to numerous countries and cities worldwide.

The two bloggers’ action-packed tour of the Lubelskie region consisted of cycling trips along the trans-regional Green Velo trail crossing through the areas of Roztocze and a kayaking trail down the Wieprza River. To counterbalance all the highlights requiring considerable physical activity, the programme also incorporated sightseeing of monuments included on the UNESCO World Heritage List and exploring contemporary tourist-friendly proposals of the cities of Lublin, Zamość and Kazimierz Dolny nad Wisłą. 

The diverse travel plan of the influencers made it possible to compile comprehensive material that will recommend tourist trips to the Lubelskie region to Russian-language social media users.

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