Rail journeys across Dolny Śląsk on Dutch TV

Broadcast for 25 years on the NPO 2 TV channel, the Rail Away show dedicated its January episode to rail journeys across the region of Dolny Śląsk (Lower Silesia). Dutch journalists visited Poland at the invitation of Polish Tourism Organisation.


The main concept of the show is to spotlight the world’s most-awe inducing rail journeys, with each episode focusing on both routes and corresponding infrastructure - attractive train stations and intriguing rail-related sites in particular regions.

“The show also presents more ‘conventional’ tourist highlights of regions and cities crossed by rail routes”, explains Małgorzata Duijnmayer of POT’s Amsterdam-based office. This noteworthy formula makes it possible to explore successive destinations from an entirely new perspective. Dolny Śląsk was selected as the target destination of the latest trip because of its intriguing route network, a wide range of historical monuments and magnificent nature.

“The half-hour show presenting the Wrocław-Wałbrzych-Szklarska Poręba route was made possible thanks to cooperation with numerous institutions, including Lower Silesian Tourist Organisation, Municipality of Wrocław, Marshal Office of the Dolnośląskie Voivodeship, and Koleje Dolnośląskie rail operator”, said Dominika Szulc, Head of Polish Tourism Organisation International Offices in Amsterdam and Brussels.

The episode in question featured, i.a. brief footage showing the region’s capital, Książ Castle and its vaults, the Church of Peace in Świdnica, the Vang Stave Church in Karpacz, the Museum of Industry and Railway in Silesia in Jaworzyna Śląska, and the Palace of Marianna Orańska in Kamieniec.

The premiere of the show coincided with the 50th edition of Vakantiebeurs fair in Utrecht, which was also attended by representatives of Dolny Śląsk. Visitors to the fair were very enthusiastic about the episode and inquired about the region’s must-sees. In addition, authors of the show paid a visit to the Polish national stand.

From the moment of its premiere, the ‘Polish episode’ was seen by 415,000 viewers and received publicity in a printed television guide sent to 90,000 subscribers. Already now the programme’s authors are announcing that in the nearest future they wish to shoot another episode dedicated to other noteworthy Polish region.

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