PTO co-organises a series of "Walk A LOT" events in Scandinavia

Between 24 May 2022 and 8 June 2022, the Scandinavian branches of LOT Polish Airlines, in cooperation with the International Office of the Polish Tourism Organisation in Stockholm, carried out a series of promotional events called "Walk A LOT", targeted at the local tourism industry.

"Walk A LOT" in Scandinavia

The idea of an open-air meeting originated at the Danish branch of LOT Polish Airlines and perfectly fitted into the current post-pandemic trends of active recreation in natural surroundings and promotion of a healthy lifestyle. The main idea was an approximately 5-kilometre walk in an interesting suburban park or forest, during which a quiz on knowledge of LOT Polish Airlines products and destinations in Poland was taken.

Each event - and they were organised at each of the Scandinavian airports from which LOT Polish Airlines flies to Poland - ended with a joint meal in a nearby restaurant and the drawing of two winners of the competition who had correctly answered all the questions. The prize was another "Walk A LOT" - this time in August 2022 in Wrocław and Lower Silesia - where, in addition to presenting the region's attractions, there will  be another walk with attractive prizes for the winners of the finals.

A total of around 80 travel agents attended the event.

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