Promotional success of "Poland Roadshow 2022"

At the beginning of June, the Polish Tourism Organisation organised the "Poland Roadshow 2022", in which six Polish regions presented their offer in four European capitals: Prague, Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest.

Poland Roadshow 2022

The event was attended by 118 representatives of travel agencies and tour operators from Małopolska, Silesia, Lower Silesia, Świętokrzyskie, Wielkopolska and Pomerania and 137 media representatives. "Poland Roadshow 2022" is a timely response to the needs of the tourism market in the current economic and political climate, where tourists are increasingly choosing to travel close to home.

During the eight plenary sessions and discussion at individual tables, the industry representatives from Poland, Slovakia, Czechia, Austria and Hungary exchanged their experiences concerning the present and the future of tourism in Europe for a total of over 1,200 minutes. As part of the "Poland Roadshow 2022" its participants travelled 1,750 km promoting their extensive offer.

The event was very well received, both by Polish regions and by foreign entities.

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