Promotional success of a campaign in the Chinese market

Polish Tourism Organisation in cooperation with Tuniu, one of the largest Chinese online travel agencies, conducted a six-month marketing campaign in the Chinese market.


Completed in June, the campaign was composed of multi-level operations of both online and offline character. Its objective was to deliver the message to the broadest possible audience interested in travelling to Europe.

The activities undertaken by Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna – POT) encompassed a highly comprehensive range of promotional communication – from display advertising on the main page and in an application, through a dedicated landing page, text message campaigns, press coverage in social media, special workshops for sales department staff, to covering a trip of the winner of a free journey to Poland and hanging posters in actual Tuniu offices.

The campaign’s outcome exceeded all of our expectations. Online activities generated a reach of 133 million and a click through rate of 4 million! As a result, sales of trips to Poland during the campaign recorded an impressive growth of 28%.


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