Promotion of Polish Regions on Lonely Planet in the Netherlands

The Lonely Planet web portal was the site of the Polish Tourism Organisation’s recent three-month promotional campaign. The focus was on less well-known regions attractive for their nature and culture as well as Poland’s extensive offering of active tourism.

Screenshots of articles from the Lonely Planet portal

The campaign focused on the Barycz Valley in Lower Silesia and Kashubia in Pomerania. It involved newsletters, the publication of two articles, and posts on the Facebook and Instagram pages of Lonely Planet, the prestigious magazine that enjoys a strong reputation as a travel expert on the Dutch market.

For the campaign, the Polish Tourism Organisation International Office in Amsterdam in association with the Lower Silesian Tourism Organisation and the Pomeranian Regional Tourism Organisation produced two articles: “Poland’s Hidden Treasure – the Barycz Valley: In the Kingdom of Greenery, Birds and Carp” and “Magical Kashubia, or Switzerland in Poland”. The materials draw attention to these two extremely valuable nature areas and their offering of active recreation, all in keeping with the currently popular focus on sustainable tourism far from crowded spots.

Materials in earlier promotional campaigns on the Lonely Planet website endorsed the Lublin and Podkarpacie regions. These articles are still accessible.

The Lonely Planet website reaches 49,000 users monthly, while the FB and Instagram pages have a readership of 45,000 in total.

Text about the Barycz Valley: Lonely Planet | Poolse verborgen schat: De Barycz Vallei – in het koninkrijk van groen, vogels en karpers

Text about Kashubia: Lonely Planet | Magisch Kasjoebië, oftewel Zwitserland in Polen

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