Promotion of Lublin during the 3rd of May Constitution Day celebrations in Madrid

A ceremony was held in the gardens of the Polish Embassy in Madrid on 19 May to celebrate the 3rd of May Constitution. The event was a good contribution to the promotion of the Polish tourist offer among Spanish tour operators, with particular emphasis on the attractions of Lublin.

Agata Witosławska presents the Polish offer

On the occasion of the official celebration of the 3rd of May Constitution Day in Madrid, the Polish Tourism Organisation in cooperation with the Polish Embassy and the Lublin Metropolitan Tourism Organisation organised a meeting for Spanish tour operators, during which visits to Poland were promoted and reliable information about the tourist situation in our country was presented.

During the briefing, the Director of the PTO's International Office in Madrid, Agata Witosławska,  gave, among others,  a presentation on the very good organisation of assistance for Ukrainian refugees in Poland and assured that the humanitarian situation was not having a negative impact on the conditions for receiving tourists in our country. She also encouraged to continue visits, highlighting the abundance and diversity of the Polish tourist offer.

The guest of honour at the ceremony was the city of Lublin whose representatives advertised its tourist, cultural and gastronomic offer, including the traditional onion rolls in new, original versions. The presentation of the assets of the capital of the Lublin region was made by Krzysztof Raganowicz, president of the Lublin Metropolitan Tourism Organisation. He drew the guests' attention to Lublin's great popularity among students, including Spanish ones. He also presented Lublin's historical and cultural heritage and its culinary offer.

In the part of the event that was held in the garden, the visitors could see an exhibition of photographs of the city, which was enhanced by a professional guide in a traditional monk's costume. He talked about the history of the city as well as its contemporary character.

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