Promotion of Kraków and Małopolska during the Partnership Fair in Lviv

Living Museum of Obwarzanek (braided ring-shaped bread) proved to be the high point of Lviv-set celebrations of the Independence Day of Ukraine. Representatives of other Polish twin towns – Wrocław, Lublin, Przemyśl and Rzeszów – were also in attendance.


This year’s Lviv-based celebrations of the Independence Day, the most important Ukrainian public holiday, were truly unique as the city joined the elite group of European metropolises distinguished by the Flag of Honour of the Council of Europe. The distinction is awarded by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe and recognises contribution made to the promotion of the concept of European unity and above-average international activity.

It would be difficult to imagine a better pretext to invite delegates of twin cities. Consequently, representatives of Wrocław, Lublin, Przemyśl and Rzeszów attended the event staged in the Lviv Market Square. Guests from Tbilisi travelled all the way from Georgia, but it was Kraków and the region of Małopolska that prepared the greatest surprise by using a RV to bring the whole Living Museum of Obwarzanek.

Aimed at local residents, three days of workshops on baking the legendary Kraków delicacy will certainly be remembered by all participants and motivate them to visit Poland. Suffice to mention that even Mayor of Kraków Jacek Majchrowski and Mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovyi baked their own bagel-like rings. In addition, delegates of Study in Wrocław encouraged all future students to stay in the Lower Silesia metropolis for a longer period of time, even several years.

This year known as the Partnership Fair, the international event attracted exceptionally numerous Lviv residents and tourists, who took advantage of splendid weather and a weekend extended by one day.

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