Promoting winners of PTO Certificates among the Polish diaspora in Belgium

The Polish-language magazine Flandria po polsku, which is published in Belgium, featured an article presenting products awarded with the Certificates of the Polish Tourism Organisation. It is part of a wider campaign encouraging the Poles residing in Belgium to visit our country.

Geopark Świętokrzyski, Hydropolis, Tykocin

Information about unique Polish tourist destinations will reach five thousand readers of the printed newspaper and twenty-four thousand online readers.

Flandria po polsku (“Flanders in Polish”) is the third largest Polish-language magazine on the Belgian market. Its readers represent very diverse groups within the Polish community, from employees of EU institutions through groups of Polish workers to descendants of Poles who had emigrated there a long time ago. Many of them are familiar with Poland because they visit their families and relatives. However, not everyone thinks about Poland our country as a destination for holiday trips. PTO is hopeful that the planned articles will raise new interest and allow Poland to surprise and delight many more visitors. 

Articles and posts on social media are part of a larger campaign to encourage Poles living in Belgium to spend their summer holidays in Poland. In the years 2020-2021, the campaign was carried out in the other Polish-language newspapers – Gazetka and Nowinki. The theme of the campaign was the Google Golden Pins in Poland and the PTO Certificates, as well as the objects featured in the EDEN competition and the “Na wsi najlepiej” (“There is no place like the countryside”) campaign.

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