POT was an active participant in the industry workshops in Helsinki

At the end of September, the Association of Finnish Travel Industry (SMAL) held industry workshops in Helsinki. The POT International Office in Stockholm was there to participate in the event.

Director of ZOPOT Stockholm, Małgorzata Hudyma at a workshop in Helsinki

The industry workshops organised in Helsinki by the Association of Finnish Travel Industry were the first event held in a traditional formula in Finland since before COVID-19. As a result, the event was very well-attended. Over 160 representatives of the Finnish tourism industry arrived at the prestigious, recently renovated Crowne Plaza Helsinki – Hesperia.

The POT International Office in Stockholm presented a rich portfolio of Polish attractions. Representatives of other European destinations were also present, with almost 20 exhibitors, including Croatia, Portugal, Ireland and the neighbouring Estonia. Insurance companies, airlines and fair event organisers also advertised their offer.

Talks with Finnish tour operators confirmed an increasing interest in travelling from that market, although Finland was the last among all Nordic countries to lift travel restrictions. At present the Finnish carrier Finnair operates a direct connection between Helsinki and Warsaw. Starting in November 2021 it is expected to reinstate flights to Gdańsk and Kraków. The low-cost airline Ryanair has also newly entered the scene with flights from Helsinki to Warsaw (Modlin) and Poznań.

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