PTO tightens cooperation with the largest Ukrainian travel bureau

Representatives of the Kiev-based office of Polish Tourism Organisation held a bilateral meeting with agents of JoinUp, Ukraine’s largest travel agency.

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The tea-time meetings staged in the headquarters of JoinUp are cyclic and involve representatives of national tourism organizations from countries distinguished by the highest sales rate of leisure offers in Ukraine. The bilateral meetings provide an opportunity for travel agents who on an everyday basis provide customer-focused services to learn more about the latest and most noteworthy recommended products of outbound tourism.

The decision of the Ukrainian tour operator’s management to invite the Kiev-based office of Polish Tourism Organisation (Polska Organizacja Turystyczna - POT) and present the Polish offer was influenced by several reasons. First, mention is due to customers expecting a greater number of diverse offers of trips to our country and the growing revenues generated by their sales. Last year JoinUp’s customers travelling to Poland boosted the tour operator’s income by close to 300,000 Euro. The positive trend is being reinforced thanks to, i.a. transportation facilitations. The network of air, rail and coach connections is expanding and the travelling standards are on the rise.

Aimed at travel agents and prepared together by Polish Tourism Organisation and JoinUp the presentation predominantly recommended the most popular Polish cities and their highlights. The audience was particularly interested in information about proposed forms of active tourism, seaside leisure and the conditions of stays in popular winter resorts. At the end, the meeting was summed up by a competition testing knowledge about Poland’s tourist assets. The agency employees who acquired the most information received prizes funded by the organisers.

Following the meeting, successive items were introduced to this year’s plan of cooperation between JoinUp and the Kiev-set POT office. The date of a presentation aimed at travel agents in Dnieper was set along with an autumn fam trip to the Beskidy Mts. for about 20 JoinUp agents. Inspired by the growing ski potential of the discussed region and its modernized technical infrastructure, the tour operator is considering sending larger groups of tourists and applying a charter from Kiev to Poprad. This year the company increased its logistics capacity by launching its very own SkyUp airline that in the opinion of passenger transport market specialists boasts impressive development prospects. A presentation of the offer of Polish tourism held at the operator’s booth at the forthcoming autumn edition of UITM in Kiev is intended to further tighten the cooperation between JoinUp and the POT office.  

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