POT surveys Poles’ travel plans

From 4 May hotels and accommodations facilities will reopen for business and take appropriate safety precautions.  According to a survey commissioned by Polish Tourism Organisation, more than 30% of Polish tourists are planning a short trip still in May or June. In addition, a new decisive factor has emerged - enhanced hygiene practices.

Poles’ travel plans

The list of key factors usually taken into account when planning trips now includes an additional aspect related to the current epidemic situation - enhanced hygiene practices introduced by a given venue. 82% of respondents perceive it as important, and half of this group - as very important (41%). As a result, the Ministry of Development joined forces with the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate to prepare guidelines for hotels, accommodation facilities and boarding houses, making it possible for them to operate during the pandemic. The discussed activities are connected with the second stage of reopening economy and the government’s decision to make hotels, accommodation services and select tourist highlights once again available to the general public.

“Our key goal is to increase the safety of employees and guests staying in tourist venues in these highly challenging times. In addition, we intend to stimulate the industry and enable it to operate during the pandemic. If good practices are followed and safety measures taken, the tourism industry will certainly once again start making money”, said Andrzej Gut-Mostowy, Secretary of State at the Ministry of Development.

Poles miss travelling. According to the study in question, as many as 30% are planning to apply tourism and recreation services in the coming weeks, with at least one overnight stay. A staggering 87% intend to spend domestic holidays, with the mountains (34%), the Baltic Sea coastline (27%) and the lakeside district (16%) as the top picks.

“This makes it possible to be optimistic about this year’s summer holidays and certainly brings good news for the tourism sector. The revival will first focus on domestic tourism. To reinforce this positive message and help Poles avoid contracting the coronavirus, on 4 May Polish Tourism Organisation is launching a campaign promoting safe travel across Poland”, added Robert Andrzejczyk, President of Polish Tourism Organisation.

The coinciding opening of select tourist attractions, including museums and other cultural venues, will also be highly important for tourism. Their availability was brought up by as many as 78% of respondents questioned in POT’s survey. Their vast majority (64%) will apply paid accommodation services, while 16% intend to visit their relatives or friends.


Data from a survey commissioned by Polish Tourism Organisation and conducted on 22-26 April 2020 by ABC Rynek i Opinie sp. z o.o. on a representative sample of adult Poles aged 18-64 (1,030 respondents).


If accommodation facilities reopen and the freedom of movement across Poland is reestablished

  • 30% of Poles are planning to apply tourism and recreation services with at least one overnight stay in the next several weeks
  • 87% - Domestic trip



  • 2% - in vicinity of my place of residence (up to 50 km)
  • 31% - in my region (50-199 km)
  • 59% - in another region (more than 200 km)
  • 8% - I don’t know yet


  • 27% seaside
  • 34% mountains
  • 16% lake district
  • 3% countryside
  • 11% another city
  • 2% other destination


  • 64% accommodation facility providing a paid service
  • 45% hotel
  • 19% other establishment providing a paid service
  • 25% free accommodation
  • 16% relatives, friends
  • 8% respondent’s holiday cottage, apartment, allotment
  • 11% I don’t know yet


  • 82% introduction of enhanced hygiene practices
  • 82% total cost
  • 82% accommodation
  • 78% tourist attractions (culture, monuments, nature, etc.)
  • 78% climate, weather
  • 77% easy access
  • 72% small number of coronavirus cases in a given region
  • 69% available social distancing options
  • 64% local, regional cuisine
  • 61% self-catered facilities


Survey conducted on 22-26 April 2020 by ARC Rynek i Opinia sp. z o.o. on a representative sample of Poles aged 18-64; 1,030 respondents.

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